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  1. Ratoncete (84363269)
  2. Kopas

    554 BABY

    I would like to have some of the ones that Santy proposed in his suggestion
  3. @JoseSergioJr17 has claimed their prize! https://prnt.sc/odu9zk The contest is over.
  4. Congratulations @JoseSergioJr17 You have been chosen by the generator. You have 96 hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen, the next one on the list would be the new winner and so on until the prize is claimed. You can contact me through a pv message here in the forum or add me to xat /f84363269. My ID is Ratoncete (84363269). The result of the draw can be consulted --->>> Here Thank you all for participating
  5. Please avoid posting your Reg + ID more than once Can you delete an entry please?
  6. We should thank @HelperNate for taking your time because maybe this guide is not useful for you or this is not the tutorial you were looking for, but for other people it can be very useful if you want to organize an event or contest or just get the idea of how to organize an event in the future. There is a section of suggestions in which you can present your suggestions or simply express what you want or the tutorials that you would like to have or contribute ideas, but this does not imply disparaging this tutorial.
  7. Kopas

    Hi Angy I would like to wish you a special day and that you can fulfill many more, happy birthday, that you spend a beautiful day with your loved ones. Save a piece of cake for Kopas:o

  8. Have a happy day, happy birthday(hug)

  9. Hello everyone, I decided to give the power (StatusColor) to a lucky participant of this forum The rules, the registration deadline and the generator are listed below. The rules for this contest are very simple: 1. Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. 2. Refrain from and avoid the temptation to use multiple accounts, which leads to a disqualification without prior notice. 3.Avoid posting your ID + REG more than once PLEASE, you can be disqualified without notice. 4.The deadline to register and participate in the draw is 11/7/2019 - 21:30 (UTC + 1) Once the accountant has finished, the winner will be announced announced in the next 24 hours. The winner will have 96 hours to claim his prize. In case the prize is not claimed, the winner as always in these cases will be the next participant in the list. You can see the countdown --->>> Here The winner will be chosen using this random generator --->>> Generator Thank you very much for participating and taking your time, if you do not understand something I apologize for my English (Google Translate) Good luck to everyone
  10. Kopas

    Feliz cumpleaños Luig:o

    1. Luig


      "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."


      Gracias! c;

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