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  1. These are the results of the 2021 Easter Egg Collection competition at xat Aiuto:


    1. @Comet 80 eggs. 
    2. @iAura 79 eggs.
    3. @Coolingman 76 eggs.
    4. @Lida 72 eggs.
    5. @TheYaguito72 eggs.
    6. @DjPio 70 eggs.
    7. @iSavage 70 eggs.
    8. @xDany81 69 eggs.
    9. @RobFerrari 69 eggs.
    10. @homalditesta 59 eggs.
    11. @srbi9o 56 eggs.
    12. @Toby 53 eggs.
    13. @theFlower 52 eggs.
    14. @Lexa 49 eggs.
    15. @Efy 49 eggs.
    16. @DjCrazy 44 eggs.
    17. @SapphireOfficial 43 eggs.
    18. @Ferimah 34 eggs.
    19. @Exin 32 eggs.
    20. @Jaguaro 20 eggs.
    21. @iSunlight 19 eggs.
    22. @Fiona 13 eggs.
    23. @iDead 10 eggs.
    24. @xiFaahx 10 eggs.
    25. @Laris2 9 eggs.
    26. @Liana 9 eggs.
    27. @Page 9 eggs.
    28. @zzzandyyy 9 eggs.
    29. @Mehdi 7 eggs.
    30. @Nathy 7 eggs.
    31. @L3OZ1N 7 eggs.
    32. @Rosali 7 eggs.
    33. @DjDanny246 eggs.
    34. @Karantina 6 eggs.
    35. @elya 2 eggs.
    36. @Er 1 egg.
    37. @Magic 1 egg.
    38. @xLaming 1 egg.


    Congratulations to the TOP 3, you are the official winners and you can contact me to receive your prize. In total, 40 users participated, one was eliminated for using someone else's account to participate and another could not receive a count because the screenshot was broken.


    We want to thank once again the sponsor of this xSapphires contest (1542014769) for their generous donation, as well as the xat Aiuto staff that was keeping the chat safe and ensuring that the contest rules were followed.


    Additionally I want to thank and give credit also to Lemona (220341852) and Austin (638877683) since this contest was inspired by a previous one that they organized for xat Help.


    The easter bunny says goodbye, thanks for participating!

  2. Once again I am pleased to say hello to the entire xat community,


    As expected xat Facebook has organized a fun Easter contest this 2021 and wants to invite you to participate! S_(ebdizzy)_40




    How to participate

    • Use the image as a template and decorate the egg.
    • Go to the official xat Facebook page and publish your egg in the comments of this post: click here!



    1. First place: 2000 xats

    2. Second place: 1500 xats

    3. Third place: 500 xats


    More information

    • You can use any program to decorate your egg (Photoshop, illustrator, paint, etc).
    • You can participate as many times as you want.
    • The contest ends on Sunday, April 11 at 22:00 PM (GMT).


    Once again Happy Easter Day, stay safe at home and have fun decorating your own egg for xat!

  3. The Easter Bunny needs our help! Are you willing to help him by collecting the eggs and getting a generous reward.S_(riyes)_40


    Today the Easter bunny has visited Aiuto chat and has left specific instructions to our bot to distribute random eggs to all users, It is time for you to prepare your basket to go find yours and start participating in this contest.


    S_(eggbk1)_40That I have to do?

    1. Visit xat.com/Aiuto and use the command !egg
    2. Post a screenshot of the eggs you got today.



    • 1st place120 DAYS
    • 2nd place: 70 DAYS
    • 3rd place: 30 DAYS



    1. You must use the command !egg in the main room of Aiuto chat.
    2. You only get two chances to use the command (Moderators will be watching).
    3. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified.


    You can post a screenshot daily, the contest will end on April 11 at 18:00 PM (GTM)


    Prize holder: Abrahan (1534445130)
    Sponsor: xSapphires (1542014769)

    Idea: xDany81 (240138112)

  4. Hey @xRavennn, I really want to congratulate you for your great work keeping the chat safe during this month on xat HTML5. 


    For you it was a surprise to be chosen on March 01, you became the second monthly Chat Manager in Romania and since then you were managing two official chats. Today it's time to say good bye as Main Owner of the chat, I hope you keep doing a good job in xat and encourage you to participate more in its development so that in the future you can be chosen again.



  5. 4 minutes ago, theFlower said:

    @Enteri suggsted that and they refused that before for no reason they said we cant do special pawn for special users bcz we  have alot of special things at xat.

    You suggested adding a rank for resellers on the forum, not a pawn on chat groups.

  6. 12 minutes ago, SapphireOfficial said:

    For Reseller should be a simbol not a pawn to say is verificated  spacer.png and you can trust this seller!

    I remember that this was also suggested to verify the accounts of the Volunteers and that users could identify them.

  7. Personally I think that a pawn is not necessary, the only user that uses an exclusive pawn to be differentiated among all (even volunteers) is the xat Admin and celebrities.


    Ideally, resellers should contact the Chat Manager of the chat group that was kicked, they are authorized trusted users, however I believe that in the case of Help and Lobby chats they cannot be promoting the sale or purchase of xats outside the store (they can use a status), but in Trade chats it is different.


    I remember Santy had this problem in xat Cambio, he needed to sell his xats and Solange kindly suggested that he become a Reseller so that he could do it without any problem.

  8. Flags are normally used so that users have an idea of the staff's time zone in case they want to contact them.


    I've seen icons being added to some names in the list, so I don't see why we can't add the flags.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. This is a compilation of users who made suggestions similar to this power. I am happy to see that sooner or later the suggestions of users are taken into account by xat when they see its potential, I hope this serves as an example or inspiration to see more ideas or crazy suggestions here in the forum or in the Feedback chat - Enjoy!



  10. ¡Hola, Martinsolarte!


    El único idioma permitido en el Soporte de Tickets de xat es el Ingles. Actualmente Solange (223326780) es la única voluntaria que tiene como idioma nativo el Español, puedes ponerte en contacto con ella aquí en el foro mediante un mensaje privado y explicarle la situación para que pueda decirte que es lo que tienes que hacer/responder.


    Lo normal es que los voluntarios/as de xat te hagan una serie de preguntas para asegurarse de que seas el propietario de la cuenta y en tu caso puedan cambiar el email asociado a la cuenta por una nueva.


    Si necesita ayuda con el mensaje en ingles puede pedirlo aquí o enviándome un mensaje privado, pero asegúrate de no compartir tu información personal o la información de la cuenta y tampoco incluya la información del ticket (numero de boleto y fecha).

  11. 6 minutes ago, Maxo said:

    No i don't mean users who create contests are those who have to be ranked, i mean a team to oversee them like i said before (hi) 

    Well for that we have the Forum Moderators (all Volunteers are Moderators) to supervise them, I don't think it takes a long time to glance at the contests when they are posted.


    Probably the solution that the forum team is working on makes the Moderators more involved in the contests forum, anyway I have never seen a suggestion to make a rank of this nature in the forum, thanks for sharing it.

  12. I don't agree that creating a contest too often will get you ranked, anyway good Laming suggestion.


    Why do users who create contests often need to be identified? Is there any risk? For some reason we have the Prize Holders of the forum.

  13. This power allows you to send birthday-themed stickers.



    • This power was made for the new xat HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat.
    • You need to own the power (622 - BD) and have days to use stickers.




    Sending a sticker

    To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes:







    Custom text

    You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’.


    (bd.gift#What is it?)



    Note: Sticker code must be added at the beginning of the message for it to show up.


    Text color

    You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker.


    For example:


    (bd.gift#What is it?#10c1e7#e6e710)




    Sticker with message

    The sticker can also be sent with a message.


    For example:

    (bd.surprise#What's up?) How is everything over there?



    If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you!

  14. It's an interesting idea that you just posted here.


    I think you mean making a library of graphic designs similar to xatframe, but instead of being public/free and pre-approved you want it to be a kind of store where they can buy them directly. However, each user has different requirements for their designs, for example, use a specific chat name or a color, so this library would not work as a store but as a gallery of designs.


    There are currently many external and approved galleries that you can use to post your work, for example: Behance, Flickr and if users like your work they can send you a message to make a request and/or purchase.


    Another negative aspect that I see from this suggestion is that it would take a lot of work continuously, that is, xat should delegate people to moderate or approve the content that is being shared in this store to make sure that inappropriate content is not shared or not this using it correctly. Also they would have to find people who have knowledge in some languages like CSS, HTML to be able to examine the code of the players or xatspaces.


    And taking into account that the store would belong to xat, if would have an effect on misunderstandings.

  15. It is certainly something useful, many chats nowadays have other chats under them and it is annoying to have to deactivate the automatic connection just for that. We could save the link as a Favorite to avoid having to enter the chat and then change the tab.


    Nice to see you suggest this, thanks Toby!

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