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  1. 2 hours ago, Solange said:

    I feel that it would have been appropriate to release a power like this for Valentine's Day, and not now when we probably expect Halloween themed powers.

    Maybe it is a reminder of xat that we should love and take care of ourselves during Halloween. :$

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  2. I recommend that you change your account password on this page: https://xat.com/login#!lost


    • An email will be sent with a link to change the password.
    • When changing it, do not use special characters, we recommend using only letters and numbers.
    • Finally close all xat windows and try to login¬†https://xat.com/login
    44 minutes ago, Deea said:

    How can I know  when a player is or not working  on phone?

    Just click on the ''Play'' button, if after a minute the music does not play it is not compatible with mobile devices.


    Good luck!

  3. 7 minutes ago, Deea said:

    Hi,so....Is it possible  to listen  to music on phone  instead  of pc?why  when i try  to login,gives  me error?

    Yes! You can but some players do not work from mobile devices, do you mean that?


    Can you explain to us where you are trying to login and what error are you getting? 

  4. The Feedback in the xat chats is really very positive, the new update and the implementation of many powers that previously did not work correctly has made everyone happy!


    The wait was worth it, in addition to correcting many things, they also added new ones and the ones I liked the most are:

    • Date of Marriage/BFF
    • Hide/Show Userlist
    • Nameflag power has been added

    • Ruby jewel name has been added

    • Bump power has been added

    I think this would be my top, one of the biggest demands was to run the most expensive power of xat and finally now it works correctly. An incredible job has really been done these months and with this the next updates seem to be really compromising (there are still many more surprises, things to correct and add)! (goo)

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  5. ¬°Hola!


    Suponiendo que es su chat usted deberá poseer el rango de Main Owner por lo cual debería de tener la opción de bannear a un usuario esté conectado o no en su sala de chat. Por favor asegurate de tener ese rango, en caso de no tenerlo le dejare 2 guías a continuación:


    ¬ŅComo me hago Main Owner en mi chat?

    1. Dirigete a la pagina https://xat.com/chats#!editgroup
    2. Coloca los datos de acceso NOMBRE DEL GRUPO + CONTRASE√ĎA
    3. En la página de personalización de su chat haga clic en ''Main Owner''
    4. Para agregarte como Main Owner, pon tu ID o nombre de usuario en el primer cuadro y haga clic en el botón "Agregar".
    5. Luego dirígete a tu grupo de chat y tendrás el rango establecido.



    ¬ŅComo banner a alguien en mi chat?

    1. Para banear a un usuario haz clic en él y selecciona el botón de "Ban"
    2. ingresa una razón y una duración y luego haz clic en "Ban"
    3. Si el usuario no esta conectado en su sala de chat puede agregarlo utilizando el comando /f+ID por ejemplo: /f1000080
    4. En la lista de amigos busca la ID que agregaste y haz clic en ella, por √ļltimo selecciona el bot√≥n de ''Ban''

    Tenga en cuenta que existen diferentes tipos de ban, además de que utilizando el power GControl otro Main Owner que tenga acceso a la personalización de su chat podria bloquear la acción de ''Banned''. Se recomienda que sólo banees a los usuarios que realmente lo merecen, de modo que otros usuarios no lo vean como abusivo o tu chat podría ser reportado.


    Enlaces √ļtiles:


  6. Hello!


    If you are held for a maximum of 7 days, you should wait out the hold. Normally when trying to trade or transfer you get a message that your account is Held and the days you have to wait. If you're experiencing a repeated cycle, you will need a ticket. "Account hold" is the help topic that should be selected when opening a ticket. Please note that the temporary hold after an account is unlocked cannot be removed.


    If you're held for more than 7 days, or if you're experiencing System Problem (25) or (55), you will need a ticket. "Account block" is the help topic that should be selected when opening a ticket.



    • Here you can open a ticket¬†https://util.xat.com/support/index.php.
    • Remember to only do it if your account is older than 7 days or if the cycle repeats.
    • Make sure to add more than 5 words in subject.
    • Make sure to send the ticket in English.
  7. Hi! I am pleased to announce that with the help of Goku (1000045) we are hosting a quick little contest in honor of xat's Anniversary.


    • Matchrace: 40 rounds /¬†25 xats prize.
    • Trivia: 20¬†questions / 50 xats prize.


    All questions will refer to xat (includes xat Wiki, Contributors and history)!



    1. Do not use another account or it will increase your chances. 
    2. Win 1 and Skip 1. 


    Prize Holder: GameBot & Abrahan.

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  8. ¬°Hola!


    Pueden haber diferentes razones por la cual su chat no aparece en la página principal de xat (promoción, destacados y soportados) pero primero debe asegurarse de no tener la siguientes opciones activadas en su chat:


    • Inc√≥gnito: No incluir este chat en ninguna lista o gr√°ficos
    • Fondo transparente: Hacer el fondo de chat transparente



    Si tu chat tiene un fondo pero no es visible asegurate primero de no tener seleccionada la opción ''Fondo transparente''.



    ¬ŅC√≥mo cambio el fondo interno y externo en mi chat?


    Para a√Īadir o cambiar el fondo interno de tu chat, en la parte superior de tu chat pon el mouse en donde dice ''Grupo'' y¬†haz clic en el bot√≥n "Edit" (Personalizar), luego accede con la contrase√Īa de tu chat o en caso de que solo seas Main Owner y no el creador podr√°s acceder con la contrase√Īa original de tu cuenta para la edici√≥n.¬†En la primera p√°gina ''Edici√≥n''¬†puedes elegir entre un color personalizado que xat tiene para su uso, o tambi√©n puedes introducir una URL de una imagen que desees usar como fondo interno/externo¬†de tu chat.¬†


    Deberás de subir la imagen en algun hosting confiable aprobado por xat que podrás encontrar en este articulo http://xat.wiki/images y una vez subida la imagen debera hacer click derecho en ella para copiar la URL directa. Recuerde que el formato de la imagen debe ser PNG o JPG.




    Sí quiere saber más sobre como sacarle el maximo provecho a tu chat de xat te invito a leer esta guia: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Owners_Guide/es




  9. Hello! We are pleased to officially announce the new update to the xat Forum Community, now available and packed with new features, enhancements and even a new look using the new stable version 4.5.2.



    #New Front-End Design


    • Brighter UI: A¬†brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme



    • Improved spacing (especially on mobile):¬†Spacing (padding and margins) needed some improvement. A lot of spacing values were arbitrary and inconsistent, leading to poor visual harmony across any given page.¬†Mobile sizes now get a much more pleasant interface, with elements having room to breathe.



    • Headings:¬†A new¬†standardized design for content item page headers, giving them their own cards and consistent button placement was added.




    • Reducing underutilized links/buttons:¬†Abundance of tools, made up of links and buttons, across pages. Many of these are only used occasionally and so would be better moved out of the main view to simplify the page.¬†To solve this, we've added a share link to the page header, with the social network links themselves in a popup menu. The result is ideal: sharing functionality is unobtrusive but obvious.



    • Improving post states:¬†Posts and comments will show badges when they have a particular status, as well as a more attractive semi-transparent border. For group-highlighted posts, we show the group name instead for example: Contributors /

      Featured Comment. This works much better on mobile too!





    • Invitation list:¬†Now you will have a list of the clubs you have been invited to join that you can reject or accept whenever you want.



    • Privacy: Now you have the option to choose who can see your club. You can choose from Everyone¬†/ Members or Moderators.



    • Rules and¬†Acknowledgement:¬†You can now add rules for joining and participating in clubs. You can also force members to acknowledge and agree to the rules before joining.




    • Permissions:¬†Now Administrators / Moderators (special permissions) and New Users are identified with a badge on their profile picture.



    • Theme:¬†The suggestion of ''xat Theme CSS/JS'' was accepted. Now you can change the theme color to Dark Mode or default.




    #Wrapping up!

    As well as these large-scale concepts, you'll notice many other smaller enhancements as you start using the new theme.


    Modernizing and refreshing our default theme has been needed for some time, but we view this as just a stepping stone to future work that will be reserved for a major version bump, and we're excited to figure out where we go next. A special recognition for @Andre and those involved during this process, xat is on the right track!


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  10. ¬°Hola!


    Si envio un ticket deberá de esperar pacientemente una respuesta. Tenga en cuenta que probablemente otros usuarios también necesitan la misma ayuda que usted, abrir varios boletos no acelerara el proceso de respuesta, al contrario podría retrasarlo o ambos boletos podrían ser eliminados. 


    Un Voluntario responder√° pronto y usted sera notificado a el correo electronico asociado a la cuenta que utilizo para abrirlo.

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