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  1. 1 hour ago, Shizuo said:

    my mind is blown on how much the new powers are bad XD, only the pawn kind of looks good. uwu 

    Then you can suggest one that really according to you is good or worthwhile.


    Good job, I like the pawn.

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  2. You should add the credits to the one who gave the idea, I was hoping to discuss this first in Feedback to hear real-time feedback and better study the suggestion to make the proposal in the forum.


    Short names are one of the many exclusive benefits for the consumer who buys xats and wants to further improve his experience at xat.com. The main idea of this suggestion was to motivate users to be loyal to xat, not simply reduce the cost of short names because some people see it as expensive.


    We can do events on days like the anniversary of xat, black sale and others. Where we can make discounts on all types of purchases from the store (shortname / powers / xats / days) - 5% 10% 15%. off


    This will probably increase the consumption of xat products during the event and at the same time will be satisfying the needs of the users.

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    Now that we are making progress forward in xat, it is time to talk about the main page and implement new options.


    • xat Stories: Stories have been a success in other social networks or forums. This will generate a more constant relationship with users.
    • xat News: This will make it easier for users to be informed of important ads such as the implementation of HTML5 or news from xat Wiki.
    • xat Last: It will be displayed which were the last chat created and registered users.


    Currently the main page has a lot of space that could be used if decided, to do new things.


    In the xat Stories they have as main attraction the ability to share with your community all those experiences that you consider most relevant from your day to day, both personal and professional with the xat community.


    Take into account that: it will be necessary to have a staff pending inappropriate reports or misuse. A group could be created to approve or reject Stories but it should be in real time.




    I hope to see Feedback.


  4. Hi @theFlower, I recommend adding more information about the suggestion to have a better understanding of it.


    If you mean a conversation with more than 2 users in private then feel free to create a chat group to interact with them. I remember that this was suggested in the past and I don't think it's really necessary, just activate in your chat `` Only for members / registered people ''. 


    Thanks for the suggestion. 

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  5. Several users have visited the xat Ayuda wondering where they can now see their assigned group powers in case they forgot.


    Previously we should only go to login, enter our access data and click on login.




    Users report that now in the new HTML5 version it does not work.




    Could someone report if it is a bug, if it is working on it or if there is a new way to see it.

  6. On 10/17/2019 at 3:51 AM, alex said:

    I like the description and examples you've provided in suggesting this power, but. . we already have 6 hair powers, 3 of which were released this year alone.

    Having several hair powers does not mean that we cannot have another one, we have a lot of Christmas / Halloween / Valentine.


    It has added a unique touch that is different from the others, they are cute hairstyles. Good work drawing I hope to see it one day come true.

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    On 2/14/2019 at 2:38 AM, Crow said:

    We need undo and redo buttons.

    The users of xat have waited for these buttons a long time ago. It's wrong to have to delete several things and / or start over.


    I do not think that it is necessarily a "change of rupture" because the community has adapted to the small changes that have been implemented in HTML5 that are very significant.

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