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  1. 2 hours ago, Maxo said:

    to facilitate searching the search feature should be divided : 


    - Chats : as @Abrahan mentioned " users want to find the right chat for them " 


    - Teams / Members : ( volunteers, contributors, wiki editors ... ) you know for volunteers there is the forum STAFF list, it's easy to contact them, but if a user for exp wants to message a contributor, he is not going to look for him / her in all the forum lol, i think we should have the list of forum members / teams in the search feature.


    - Topics: searching a topic through listing one or two words in the search feature to facilitate finding it


    - Users ( why not ) : a name and other similar names in the list as we're seeing when we tag someone. 


    I think these are the main sections that we should have. THANK YOU




    Including forum information in search engines will be very confusing for users.


    They can easily find the members of each team in a list on the wiki, where will be his  username, xatspace or forum profile to recognize / contact them. So I don't think it is necessary to do this.


  2. It would be nice to add an advanced search and divide it by categories.




    Search chat groups according to their tags. Usually people want to find the right chat for them.


    Users, for example you want to search for Abrahan: Abraham and other similar names should be in the list.


    And the traditional way to find words, it would also be good to include phrases like @Sergio suggested.


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  3. ID: 587
    Name: YELLEGG
    Status: Unlimited
    Price: Unknow

    Category: User power / Smilie

    Hats: (hat#he), (hat#hg)


    Smilies: (yellegg), (wondering), (drained), (uh), (mmm), (idea), (hysterical), (envious), (disappointed), (eggbk1), (eggbk2), (eggbk3), (eggbk4)

    GetStrip5.php?c=S_yellegg_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_wondering_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_drained_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_uh_50_50_c.png  GetStrip5.php?c=S_mmm_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_idea_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_hysterical_50_50_c.png GetStrip5.php?c=S_envious_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_disappointed_50_50_c.pGetStrip5.php?c=S_eggbk1_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_eggbk2_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_eggbk3_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_eggbk4_50_50_c.png

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  4. Clicca qui per leggere in Italiano:


    Ciao! È molto tempo che la chat di Aiuto ha bisogno di un nuovo background e ho finalmente deciso di aprire un concorso per questo!it.png

    Requisiti (leggere attentamente):

    • Deve contenere "Aiuto ufficiale in lingua italiana" o '' Ottieni aiuto su xat ''
    • È necessario fornire uno sfondo interno ed esterno con un colore pulsante corrispondente.
    • Gli sfondi dovrebbero essere professionali e adatti a HTML5.
    • Non si utilizza il collegamento al blog corrente in background.
    • Le dimensioni dovrebbero essere le seguenti:

                → 2560 x 1440 pixel o superiore - sfondo esterno.

                → 728 x 486 pixel - sfondo interno.

    • L'uso dei CSS è consentito senza troppe modifiche e per essere professionale.
    • Devi inserire la tua pubblicità qui, non ci sono limiti.
    • OPZIONALE: è necessario aggiungere i seguenti suggerimenti allo sfondo esterno:

              → Non cliccare sul link per le persone che non conosci, potrebbe essere un tentativo per rubare le tue informazioni.

              → Nessun volontario ti è stato bloccato.

              → Non dovresti includere nessuna informazione personale nel tuo profilo xatspace.

              → Gli attuali volontari possono vederli su xat.wiki/volunteers/it



    • 1° posto - 3000 xats
    • 2° posto - 2000 xats

            → Se avremo altre donazioni e il prezzo cambierà, ti informerò durante il concorso.


    Titolare del premio:

    AngeLo (18500000)

            → Il vincitore dovrà trovare Crow per prendere il suo prezzo alla fine del concorso.



    Abrahan (1534445130), Kevin (1534069013), Negan (1100011)


    Scadenza per partecipare:

    29 Aprile 2020 fai clic su COUNTDOWN!

    Hello! Is long time Aiuto chat need a new background and i have finaly decided to open a contest for it! it.png


    Requirements(please read carefully):

    • It must contain "Aiuto ufficiale in lingua italiana" or ''Ottieni aiuto su xat''
    • You must provide inner and outer background with a matching button color.
    • The backgrounds should be professional and suitable for HTML5.
    • You do not use the current blog link in the background.
    • The dimensions should be as below:

      2560 x 1440 pixels or larger - outer background.

      728 x 486 pixels - inner background.

    • Use CSS is allowed without much modification and to be professional.
    • You must put your enter publicy here, there are no limits.
    • OPTIONAL: You must add the following tips to the outer background:

               → Non cliccare link da persone che non conosci, potrebbe essere un tentativo per rubare le tue informazioni.

               → Nessun volontario ti darà la privato per dirti che il tuo account è stato bloccato.

               → Non dovresti includere nessuna informazione personale nel tuo profilo xatspace.

               → Gli attuali volontari possono vederli su xat.wiki/volunteers/it



    • 1st place - 3000 xats
    • 2nd place - 2000 xats
    • 3, 4 and 5 place - 500 xats

               →  If we will got other donation and price will change i will inform you during the contest.


    Prize holder:

    AngeLo (18500000)

               →  The winner will need to find Angelo for take his price when contest end. 



    Abrahan (1534445130), Kevin (1534069013), Negan (1100011)


    Deadline to enter:

    May 2, 2020, 16:00 timezone: Europe/Rome, click COUNTDOWN !


    To read in other languages use the translator, thanks for participating!

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  5. Forum activity will be affected if we do this, in addition to theft problems related to xat through Discord.


    We have Forum Support here, we also have the official help chats that have a real-time response while a staff is connected and of course Ticket system.

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  6. This new power allows you to send Alien-themed stickers.

    • The power ALI is only available for the HTML5 version of xat.
    • You need to own the power and have days to use stickers.


    Sending a sticker

    To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes:








    Custom text and color

    You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’.







    If you notice any problem with the power, this is the right place.

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  7. ID: 583
    Status: Unlimited
    Price: 200 xats

    Category: User power / Smilie

    Hats: (hat#hL), (hat#hl), (hat#hp)


    Smilies: (lovepotion), (lopotion1), (lopotion2), (lopotion3), (lopotion4), (lopotion5), (lopotion6)





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