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  1. 7 hours ago, SLOom said:

    Black color on a black background ? Don't think it matches much :( 


    2 hours ago, DUYGU said:

    In my idea too, a black color to on black color does not match black ground color.

    I did not mention a color change at any time, a color change should apply to the entire application itself and not just to the colors in the groups list.


    The idea was to make it rounded where the image, name and description of the group appear, leaving a small space with the edges of the screen (instead of it being completely square and occupying the entire screen). I hope soon a topic will be made to discuss a makeover/colors within the xat app! 8-)

  2. On 11/6/2020 at 6:33 AM, SLOom said:

    Any more ideas/improvements regarding groups list you wish to see ? 

    • Options: Add an option to swipe to the right to show the following options (something similar to Whatsapp)

              - Favorites

              - Share this chat

              - Report this chat

              - Remove / delete this chat (swipe left)

    • Online users: Shows the number of connected users, also a visualization of the image of a maximum of 3 connected users.
    • Icons (favorites-promoted): Once the options have been added, the icons as favorites could be reduced to give a better appearance (an icon could also be added for promoted chats)
    • Design: The bar that shows the chat is square, I think it would look much more modern if you make the edges rounded.


    I made a small demo of what it would look like, for a better understanding of my idea:



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  3. Por favor sigue los pasos que mencione anteriormente.


    Al ingresar en la versión podrá darse cuenta que su chat no posee ningún elemento debajo de él, tampoco tiene pestañas adicionales (solo ''Comments'' por defecto). Una cambies el nombre de la pestaña principal o crees nuevas pestañas deben aparecer debajo del chat, si los elementos (códigos) no funcionan pero las pestañas si entonces deberá intentar eliminado todos y colocar uno por uno (probablemente tenga un código roto o no autorizado).

  4. Hola,


    No se trata de problemas de conexión, sigue estos pasos a continuación para solucionar tu problema:


  5. 3 minutes ago, Crow said:

    How is our version different to the one you submitted in your wiki edit request on Friday?

    I don't think there is much difference tbh, but "xat plans to make this power super limited, more units will be released in 2021" I understand it as in the future(soon-once exhausted).

  6. I think the term "super limited" should not have been used in an announcement made on twitter if 1000 units would be released, some other powers in the past such as Summerhug only had 800 units and this term was not used.


    Besides that the last update of the Wiki page https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Miedo was very confusing, it was worded in such a way that people believed that the power had already been exhausted ''More units will be released on Halloween 2021'' and that only approximately 400 units in total had been released.


    This is just an observation for future "super limited" powers, also for Wiki Editors.


  7. Please try again, the chat name is only reserved for 30 minutes until confirmed or until the time expires.


    I just tried to create the chat with this name and I have the option available. Currently the chat name you are trying to use is not yet stored (existing) on xat.com, the chat name does not have an ID assigned yet. 

  8. Hello,


    The chat room will not be created (does not exist yet) until it is confirmed. You can try again to create the chat, but first make sure you are checking the correct email and also make sure to check all the folders even those of ''Spam'' and ''Social networks''.

  9. Hello to the entire xat community,


    Like every year, xat Facebook has organized a spooky fun contest for this Halloween 2020! Can you solve one of these puzzles ?S_(miedogst)_40 




    English: https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MKkpDrx_Wwr3zsCIuGy

    Español: https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MKporEL-hK2nHiLUaT6

    Português: https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MKpsvtsNz3nmWqrjtc8


    How to play:

    • Complete ONE of the above jigsaw puzzles (you can only win 1!)
    • Each puzzle has an answer. Comment the answer of the corresponding puzzle here: https://www.facebook.com/xatchats/posts/3738876786123732 (please specify which language)
    • The first person to post the correct answer will win 2000 XATS!


    REMEMBER: You can only solve 1 PUZZLE! Have fun and have a happy Halloween!S_(miedo)_40

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  10. The contest has ended thanks to the 46 people who were accompanying us during the first round and the 32 people who were there during the second round.


    4,000 xats were distributed in 20 questions during the second round, I hope everyone had a nice afternoon/evening! Thanks.



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  11. The first round of questions has ended! 6000 xats and 6 days were distributed, a total of 24 questions.


    In 2 hours and 55 minutes the second round of questions will begin, we will be waiting for you, we still have 4000 xats and a surprise power!



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  12. A constructive criticism:


    I've always admired the creativity that Mihay has as a Smiley Maker, but In terms of quality you should try to improve a little, the lines seem as if they were drawn with a pencil. The aforementioned makes the new powers look a bit dated compared to the old ones when it should be the opposite! 

  13.  it.pngClicca qui per leggere in Italiano:


    Dolcetto o scherzetto? La settimana del terrore è arrivata ed è per questo che su xat.com/Aiuto vogliamo trascorrere con voi una notte terrificante e piena di divertimento!


    🎃 Il concorso sarà Trivia (domande sul tema Halloween) e tutti avranno la possibilità di partecipare.

    Il concorso si svolgerà il 30 Ottobre, sarà suddiviso in 2 orari:

    • Primo: 18:00 ora dell'Europa centrale (CET), UTC +1
    • Secondo: 22:00 Central European Time (CET), UTC +1

    Premi: 10.000 xats

    Sponsor: xMarco (1140000)

    Titolare: Abrahan (1534445130)

    Trick or treat? The week of terror has arrived and that is why at xat.com/Aiuto we want to spend with you a terrifying night full of fun!


    🎃 The contest will be Trivia (questions about the theme Halloween) and everyone will have the opportunity to participate.

     The contest will take place on October 30, it will be divided into 2 schedules:

    • First: 18:00 Central European Time (CET), UTC +1 (Countdown)
    • Second: 22:00 Central European Time (CET), UTC +1 (Countdown)


    Prizes: 10.000 xats

    Sponsor: xMarco (1140000)

    Prize holder: Abrahan (1534445130)

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