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  1. To try solve your problem, a ticket must be created under the "Payment Problems" department. To do that, do the steps below:


    • Go to the xat support center here.
    • Click on ''Open New Ticket''
    • On "Help Topic", select "Payment Problems"
    • On "Subject" write the title of your problem with at least 5 words or more.
    • On ''Message'' write the description of your problem, remember to mention the payment method you used and that your reservation does not decrease.

    I am sure a volunteer would be happy to help you with this problem, good luck!

  2. To solve your problem, a ticket must be created under the "Locked Out" department. In order to get it created, you'll have to open a ticket request. To do that, do the steps below:


    • Go to the request form by clicking here.
    • On "Type of Request", select "Locked Out"
    • Type the xat username of the account.
    • Type the xat ID of the account.
    • And the e-mail associated with it.

    Once you have sent the request in your email you will receive a blue link to continue with the process.


    Please note that there are three types of Account Protection on xat and not all security options lock your account, some only ask you to confirm that you are the account owner with an email, if you want more information read this article https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Account_protection

  3. 26 minutes ago, Elea said:

    The second addition is to be able to see the regname of the user we are sending the message to (see Image 2). Sometimes we send a message, we get distracted, and we're not sure who we're sending it to anymore. It will allow us to make sure it has reached the right recipient. 

    It seems to me a great idea, when I am chatting with several people at the same time by mp, I usually get confused whoever sends some messages.


    But the @ would automatically mention the person in your mp, wouldn't this be a problem? I mean that if we will receive double notification, in my case I use Google Chrome and when someone writes @Abrahan I get a notification that someone has mentioned me in another chat as long as it is open and I also receive notifications when someone writes to me in mp or pm.

  4. 1 hour ago, Bau said:

    Please don't be indifferent, show that you care. @Admin

    Keep in mind that everything that the Administrator and the collaborators that are making HTML5 are doing are doing it for us, you can be sure that there is no indifference, but if there is a lack of information.


    I hope we can have a notice or at least a popup tab notifying that in the next few hours there could be changes or the servers could be restarted.

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  5. ¡Hola @Jusst!


    Debes de seguir el protocolo como todos y responder todas las preguntas que sepas / recuerdes sobre la cuenta que esta tratando de cambiar el correo o tratando de obtener una pista según sea su caso. Lamento que su proceso tarde un poco, pero esto es normal y por motivos de seguridad tanto para usted como para el trabajo de los voluntarios que lo están ayudando.


    Debe de seguir esperando una respuesta en su ticket.

  6. You can use the correct one in HTML5 now:



    I also like the idea, but it is a delicate subject to allow modifying messages for many reasons. In case this receives a lot of support or becomes a reality, it should not be a power.

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  7. Currently xat is focused and working on more important things, this does not mean that the suggestion is not valid or that it will not be done but for now it is not a priority.


    In the meantime we will have to settle for clicking to see a user's rank or more information,  this is a good suggestion and I hope they do it soon.

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  8. ¡Hola @pakyy!


    Utiliza la radio de xat Ayuda y xat Noticias, IP:; (solo para la versión flash)


    Para Incrustar Reproductor de Radio debajo de tu chat utiliza la siguiente pagina: https://i.xat.wiki/sc/



    1. Ve al generador y seleccionamos la opción ”Radio”
    2. En la opción ''IP'' debe de poner el enlace de su Radio:
    3. En la opción ''Port'' (Puerto) debe de poner el puerto de su Radio: 8828
    4. Copia el código que saldrá y ese lo incrustas en tu chat.
    5. Vamos a nuestro chat, en ''Edit'' y lo pegas en el recuadro grande que aparece allí:
    6. Por ultimo guarda los cambios.

    Para añadir una Radio a la caja de chat desde Edit:



    1. Dentro de nuestro chat, nos dirigiremos a “Edit Your Chat”, ubicado en un botón, a la derecha de nuestra caja de mensajes: ejemplo

    2. Luego de eso, vamos a dar click en ''Extra Features'': ejemplo

    3. En la pagina que se abrio vamos a bajar, y nos encontraremos con las “Opciones extras de los grupos de xat”.

    4. Colocaremos la dirección IP de la radio, en el recuadro señalado a continuación: ejemplo

    5. En caso de que la radio no funcione, asegurate de colocar “/;” al final de la IP.

    6. Por ultimo guarda los cambios.


    Para crear tu propia radio utiliza la siguiente pagina: https://panel.arcbots.com/panel/radio-manager.html

    1. Haz click en la opción ''Register'' (Registro) y crea una cuenta.
    2. Una vez tengas una cuenta, en la parte izquierda haz click en ''Crear una estación de radio'': ejemplo
    3. Luego haz click en ''¡Crear nueva cuenta de radio!'': ejemplo
    4. Guarde los datos generadores una vez la radio se haya creado.
    5. Para cambiar la contraseña dirígete a ''Cambiar la contraseña de la radio alojada de ARCBOT'': ejemplo
    6. Por ultimo inicia sesión en el panel de tu radio con la contraseña y el nombre de usuario: https://s2.utune.in/login/index.php
    7. Sí quieres saber como cofigurar el AutoDJ y subir musica mira este video: 



    ¡Buena suerte!  Espero esto te sea utíl, si necesitas más ayuda o tienes algun problema responde este mismo hilo.

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