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  1. The problem is that each Smiley Maker has its own style, some use more vectors while others prefer to use brush/pencil tools, some are more detailed, some use the kawaii theme, etc.


    All should work with the same style and following the same guidelines for xat.

  2. I remember in the past something similar was done to request feedback on a specific topic (I think it was an update) and the Official Chats were used to promote the form, this is not a bad idea.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. No se preocupe, deberá intentar solucionar su problema atreves del Soporte de Tickets de xat siguiendo estos pasos:


    • Dirígete a https://util.xat.com/support/index.php y haga clic en ''Open New Ticket''
    • Completa el formulario con la información de su cuenta.
    • En Help Topic seleccione ''Short names and Groups''
    • En Subject coloque el titulo de su problema con más de 5 palabras.
    • En Message deberá de explicar detalladamente el problema que estas teniendo.

    Para abrir un ticket en el departamento anteriormente mencionado usted necesita ser usuario de pago (haber comprado xats en la tienda oficial de xat.com ltd).


    En caso de que no sea usuario de pago, seleccione el departamento ''Chat Block'' y un voluntario tratara de ayudarlo/asesorarlo con una posible solución de manera apropiada.

  4. ¡Hola, zKaanzitoxd!


    Por lo que entiendo usted olvido el correo con el que creo su grupo de chat y no el de su cuenta/usuario ¿o usted utilizo el correo asociado a su cuenta de xat para crearlo en su momento?


    Luego de aclarar esto yo o alguna otra persona le indicara los pasos a seguir para que su problema posiblemente pueda ser resuelto.



  5. 32 minutes ago, xMarco said:

    here we talk about a powers, to express one's point of view but I have read absurd things like hatred towards volunteers, let's be serious we always talk about a power, let's remove this word hatred towards a person for a power.

    In theory this is not a power, cannot be traded and does not have an ID number.


    Currently the Admin has allowed a lot of diversity of pawns to be available to users through the collections and during major holiday months (Christmas / Pride Month / Anniversary), so I don't think he is willing to release a new pawn in the store, not at this time.

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  6. My first day as CO Main Owner at xat.com/Aiuto



    When I was officially added to the xat Wiki as the CO Main Owner of xat.com/Aiuto



    My first post after becoming a Contributor on the forum



    My first temp Owner at xat.com/La_Stanza



    One day before the official reopening of xat.com/Ajutor



    My first temp Moderator at xat.com/Cambio



    My first temp Moderator at xat.com/xat5



    When I became an Owner of xat.com/Noticias



    My first time as Owner of xat.com/HTML5 in the month of Crow.



    My last day as part of the xat.com/Ayuda staff after resigning.



    When I became a Moderator at xat.com/Assistance



    My first temp Owner at xat.com/Assistance




    Valentine's Day 2019?



    Kyle being Kyle




    Ariana Grande being Lemona



    The staff of xat.com/Cambio wishing me a happy birthday


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  7. Hi JoshG,


    1. Go to the page https://xat.com/chats#!editgroup and enter the name of your chat, then the password.
    2. In the main tab ''Appearance'' you can edit the appearance of the chat, this includes outer/inner background, xatframe, mobile and colors.
    3. To place a background you must use an authorized image provider, copy the direct URL (make sure it ends in .png or .jpg) and then paste it where you dicouter/inne background. Note: You can also place hex color codes if you don't want to set an image as background, just click on the color string.




    I hope this information is useful to you, if you have another question regarding the same topic you can ask it here before a moderator closes the topic, otherwise you will have to open another one.


    If you want to learn more about chat groups, specifically how to edit them, visit this link: https://xat.wiki/Owners_Guide#Appearance


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  8. These are the winners:


    • 1st place: @RobFerrarifirst entry 5,000 xats
    • 2nd place: @TheYaguito 2,500 xats
    • 3rd place: @Flake first entry 1,200 xats
    • 4th place: @Kale first entry 800 xats
    • 5th place: @Vilen  first entry 500 xats
    • 6th place: @Nathy 300 xats

    Contact me to receive your prize, thanks!


    It was a very close competition! We would like to give a special thanks to all the people who participated in this contest and to the people who donated xats to make it possible. The goal was accomplished, now you will be able to see new backgrounds representing different countries in our chat.


    xat has given many of us the opportunity to get to know different languages, cultures and meet people from all over the world through the chat groups.


    By visiting us at xat.com/Assistance users will have the opportunity to learn a little more about Switzerland ch.png, Romania ro.png, Thailand th.png, Brazil br.png, France fr.png, Venezuela ve.png, India in.png, Egypt Flag-eg.png Mexico mx.png and Italia it.png.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Andre said:

    Theme "Dark 2" is now available for those who'd appreciate a little less blue.

    I definitely prefer the blue, I'm already adapted. 


    Thank you for your compliments!

  10. 1 minute ago, Bob_ said:

    Don't wanna brag but I consider myself a bit of an influencer so let me know when applications are open ;)

    Please contact via private message a Volunteer or Contributor to have your case evaluated, remember to mention your USERNAME / ID and social networks.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Admin said:

    For now other sky pawn users are ticket volunteers, developers, smileymakers and resellers who buy from xat.

    I just want to explain my disagreement with the pawn being shared with other users who are not Influencers, except for the developers for testing.


    I hope the ''for now'' is until we officially have the first influencer.


    Thanks for bringing this to the new xat chat!

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  12. Just now, xZache said:

    What will I have to provide in order to get the account back?

    Volunteers will ask you security questions, you will need to remember certain account information such as: What internet provider do you use? What was the last power you bought at the store? Who was the last user you traded with? among others.

  13. Hey,


    The username and ID of your account is: xVolodymyr (232696147)


    You have the option to request a hint and remember the e-mail address associated with the account through the xat Support System (Ticket). You will need to create a ticket at xat.com/ticket and select the ''Email Change or Email Hint'' department, be sure to use more than 5 words in the subject.


    You can also request an email change in the same department mentioned above, for security reasons you will only be allowed to use Gmail.


    Good luck!

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