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Status Updates posted by Abrahan

  1. Happy birthday Sapphire! I hope you have a good day. (hug) 

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Bro hug you and thx for the wishes!(toj)


    1. Sara


      Adorooooo 😍😍

    2. Abrahan


      Ti voglio tanti bene💞.

    3. Sara


      puro yo abrahan, te quiero mucho bien <3


  3. Oi Abraoõo está aqui para desejar-lhe um feliz aniversário! Que todos os seus desejos e objetivos se tornem realidade; que você tenha um dia maravilhoso com toda sua família e não esqueça seus amigos aqui no xat, um abraço🧡.


    You're officially older than me, ily.

    1. Page


      Thanks honey, ily too and yes you’re younger ❤️

      Agradeço de coração, jamais esquecerei os bons amigos que eu tenho. 

      Woo Hoo Season 7 GIF by Friends

  4. Me watching the new xat version 1.54


    1. iSavage


      That's me currently babe :p

    2. SapphireOfficial


      Aha bro it's nice new update!

    3. RobFerrari


      Too useful for quick options this Quickbar, except for the smilies that you can't keep the window open to keep clicking smilies that you want to keep using.

  5. Happy birthday Raven, thank you for your trust in me and your friendship! 


    1. xRavennn


      Thank you, Abrahan!!

  6. What animal would this smiley/power be? Hint: We don't have it in xat yet.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Abrahan


      @LidaLemur is the correct answer!

    3. Deff
    4. Page


      I thought it was a goat, damm :$ nice smilie bro

  7. nUpTdaB.gif

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sevda


      Happy Birthday, Guinho 

    3. Guinho


      Thank you Sev ♥

    4. SapphireOfficial


      (hug)Guinho how was your bday was cool ?  Next bday you need to make us a big cake!(toj)

  8. We are already accepting applications submitted this year for your portfolio at xat Graphics.


    If you are already part of the portfolio but want to update the data, send a new application and we will review it. :d

    1. Sephiroth


      I have sent 5 applications months ago and noone reviewed any of it. 


    2. Abrahan


      @LordSinHello, I'm sorry to inform you that your applications were rejected because they had an error with the username. Try submitting a new application with the correct contact information (xat username).

    3. Sephiroth


      At that time, it was not incorrect, after a while I changed my username purchasing a shortname. But application has been sent long ago. I will try send a new one, hoping for better this time. Thank you. 

  9. Happy birthday Stif! Te quiero amigo, pásala bien:$ .

    1. Stif


      Thank you Abe! Te quiero tambien y te deseo lo mismo. :$ 

  10. The new version 4.4 of the official Aiuto blog is now available, try it now xat-aiuto.com!


    Join the Italian community on the official xat forum to see what this update brings:


  11. Today I will be all day at xat.com/Feedback taking suggestions and comments about xat!



    1. DjCrazy


      I will be there too (blowkiss)

  12. What power does the smiley of an airplane have?

    1. Vevrok


      it's a free smiley: (airplane#)

    2. Abrahan


      That smiley was useless for what I was doing, but thanks anyway! I use the smiley (tplane)

    3. Mao


      it's a free smiley

  13. Happy birthday to my fav!  Best wishes to you, I hope you have an amazing day🏍💙

  14. Happy birthday David! 

    1. David


      Thank you!!

  15. Do you have your hat ready to celebrate the new year at xat? S_(p1pwn*00c000*hat1*w0i0ip)_40

    1. iDan


      no have day xd

  16. Happy New Year! :$

    1. DUYGU


      Happy New Year Abrahan    (hug)  

  17. OMG! Check out xat's Facebook / Instagram 🎁

  18. Here I am, here I will be💙😕.

    1. Pika


      iloveyou babe ❤❤❤

  19. Feliz cumpleaños we, tenemos que llevarte al asilo :$.

  20. Hey! Remember that if you have a suggestion that you would like the Contributors group to discuss, you can send a private message to any member of the group.


    If you would like the suggestion to be sent directly to the Administrator, you must first make the suggestion to the staff of xat.com/Feedback where they will be in charge of perfecting it and if it really involves the input of admins it will be sent by email (you will always have the idea credit). 


    Let's improve our community together! 8-)

  21. Thoughts? 


    1. Lemona


      How I feel about 2020

    2. xLaming


      It's me, Mario!

  22. 🔥

    1. DjDanny24


      hi  my bro how are  you?

    2. Abrahan


      Buna Danny, I'm very well and you?

    3. DjDanny24


      i'm fine  thank  you

  23. As your birthday present I was thinking of a trip around the world.  Could you take care of walking my dog while I'm away?  Happy Birthday Syd! :$

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