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    Avviso importante della comunità italiana di xat.


    1. ----
    2. xDany81


      Grazie Abrahan sei gentilissimo speriamo che questa situazioni passi il più presto possibile (hug)

  2. - The north remembers.  🌹


    1. Pika


      Buwahahah babe xD :$ thank youuuu(blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss)

  3. - The north remembers. 🌠


  4. ¡Gracias a todo el staff de xat Cambio:$


  5. Twitter.com/xatitaly is preparing a contest for when it reaches 100 followers.


    Follow him!

  6. For people who do not believe that xat has changed, they should see the evolution it has had from 2010 to now 2019. 


    Really they have striven!:p

  7. Join the Club Charla and participate to win 1000 xats.


  8. Because I did not find you connected I do it here. .


    Feliz cumpleaños papi A n g e l o! I wish you many more years of life and I want you to know that with me you will always have a virtual friend, yes, thousands of kilometers, but you will have him when you need him.


    By the way, I think you forgot to send me the party invitation. . Too bad, fui a la bodega para comprar un poco de de licor para ambos wey :(.


    Reminder: Your Italian is still lousy.

    1. Angelo


      Mwahahahahaha thank you good sir. 


      Claro claro, que me compraste? ;) 


      Io sono italiano... e parlo italiano (? 

  9. Congratulations on your third year on the xat wiki! S_(nsci)_40


  10. During this week xat Facebook is asking questions about xat in honor of its anniversary, don't miss the opportunity to participate!


  11. Feliz cumpleaños Guinhito, enjoy! there are still unforgettable things to live in xat.


  12. Grazie mille xat Concourses! Ieri ci siamo divertiti molto. 🤡


  13. Happy April Fool's Day to all!


  14. Happy Birthday Sergio! Te aprecio un montón, amazing boy <3


    1. Sergio


      Muchas muchas gracias Abrahan <3 (hug) Un abrazo muy grande

  15. Happy birthday to my crazy little sister of xat! I'm still going to get revenge for giving me dunce :$.


  16. Happy xat Anniversary! Visit the official chats and keep up to date with the games below, also participate in the xat social networks and have the opportunity to win incredible prizes. :o 


  17. Hey! Remember that if you have a suggestion that you would like the Contributors group to discuss, you can send a private message to any member of the group.


    If you would like the suggestion to be sent directly to the Administrator, you must first make the suggestion to the staff of xat.com/Feedback where they will be in charge of perfecting it and if it really involves the input of admins it will be sent by email (you will always have the idea credit). 


    Let's improve our community together! 8-)

  18. I am sorry if I have distanced myself, I know that we are both people of not having many friends, but I will always be here for you, always. Happy birthday Raven!🙂


    1. xRavennn


      Thanks, Abra (hug)(hug)

  19. I dreamed with you and a new power.


  20. In 15 minutes we will start earning xats / days!

    Visit us xat.com/MundoSmilies j2ob8jS.gif

  21. It's fine if they feel they waste time.


  22. Participate and win the new power: 


    1. Magic


      Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.:'(

  23. Participate and win the power SPOOKIES.


  24. Participate and win the power WOODLAND !


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