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  1. Forget to add GTM + 2 in HTML5, this is happening now. Sorry !
  2. The contest is ending in xat HTML5! Do you have the xat Wiki or Google ready?

    1. Math


      I have nothing what do I do?

  3. The GameBot is ready and waiting for you at聽xat Game!聽Do you already have your celebration hat? :o

    1. HelperNate


      Wait, GameBot works again?

    2. Abrahan


      It works in Game, but not in Aiuto. :(

    3. HelperNate


      I just tested it, and it still has the same problem I brought up on the forum. You must have been lucky that nobody else was commanding it.

  4. Waiting for you at xat Aiuto! We will start in a few minutes.

  5. Hello! First of all we wish you a happy day, today we celebrate the 14th anniversary of xat and we want to have fun with all of you. Some official chats we have organized small quick contests one after another and you are our special guest Aiuto, official Help chat in Italian: Spacewar (21:00 GMT+2) | Prize: 2000 xats. Game, official Game chat: Matchrace + Trivia (22:00 GMT) | Prize: 2000 xats. HTML5, official HTML5 chat: Trivia (23:00 GMT) | Prize: 10.000 xats. Have fun! The person who takes screenshot and publishes it here will be participating to win 300
  6. Hi! I am pleased to announce that with the help of Goku (1000045) we are hosting a quick little contest in honor of xat's Anniversary. Matchrace: 40 rounds / 25 xats prize. Trivia: 20 questions / 50 xats prize. All questions will refer to xat (includes xat Wiki, Contributors and history)! Rules: Do not use another account or it will increase your chances. Win 1 and Skip 1. Prize Holder: GameBot & Abrahan.
  7. Happy xat Anniversary!聽Visit the official chats and keep up to date with the games below, also participate in the xat social networks and have the opportunity to win incredible prizes.聽:o

  8. During this week xat Facebook is asking questions about xat in honor of its anniversary, don't miss the opportunity to participate!

  9. 隆Hola! Pueden haber diferentes razones por la cual su chat no aparece en la p谩gina principal de xat (promoci贸n, destacados y soportados) pero primero debe asegurarse de no tener la siguientes opciones activadas en su chat: Inc贸gnito: No incluir este chat en ninguna lista o gr谩ficos Fondo transparente: Hacer el fondo de chat transparente Si tu chat tiene un fondo pero no es visible asegurate primero de no tener seleccionada la opci贸n ''Fondo transparente''. 驴C贸mo cambio el fondo interno y externo en mi chat?
  10. This problem is still ongoing with the new xat forum update.
  11. Hello! We are pleased to officially announce the new update to the xat Forum Community, now available and packed with new features, enhancements and even a new look using the new stable version 4.5.2. If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/forum/ If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/340-website/ #New Front-End Design Brighter UI: A brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme
  12. 隆Hola! Si envio un ticket deber谩 de esperar pacientemente una respuesta. Tenga en cuenta que probablemente otros usuarios tambi茅n necesitan la misma ayuda que usted, abrir varios boletos no acelerara el proceso de respuesta, al contrario podr铆a retrasarlo o ambos boletos podr铆an ser eliminados. Un Voluntario responder谩 pronto y usted sera notificado a el correo electronico asociado a la cuenta que utilizo para abrirlo.
  13. English only. Thanks u, next.
  14. 隆Hola! A continuaci贸n le dejare algunas opciones para cambiar su direcci贸n IP de forma manual: C贸mo cambiar la direcci贸n IP en un Mac Seleccione Preferencias del sistema. Elija Red. Seleccione una interfaz de red activa en la barra lateral. Anote su direcci贸n IP actual para que pueda hacer un cambio informado. Haga clic en el bot贸n Avanzado. Seleccione TCP/IP. Seleccione Manualmente en el men煤 Configurar IPv4. Introduzca una direcci贸n IP est谩tica en el campo Direcci贸n IPv4. Haga clic en OK y luego haga clic en Aplicar.
  15. Color: Purple/Black/White or Dark Blue/Yellow/White. Image: xat planet (logo), saturn or something inspired by galaxy (xat)
  16. The contest has ended, while it was in progress the prize was increased and this time the Roulette was spun 85 times!
  17. I dreamed with you and a new power.


  18. 隆Hola! Ya que no tienes acceso a la cuenta pero sabes los datos deber谩 enviar un ticket en xat.com/ticket y seleccionar ''Lost Access'' como help topic, aseg煤rese de que el topic tenga 5 palabras o m谩s. Para poder enviar este ticket, necesitas enviarlo desde otra cuenta registrada.
  19. The contest has ended, the roulette was spun 36 times!
  20. In 20 minutes we will start, have an 80% chance to win xats.
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