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  1. Ruleta has just started on xat.com/Hola see you there!

  2. I will be there as a special guest, so don't miss it!
  3. Why don't you ask to do something different for the anniversary? People are tired of this type of event where only the same old users who have a lot of money invested benefit from it. It would be ideal to find some other type of event that motivates more users around xat to participate, reward them for having fun on such a special day and they will be able to see that the loyalty of the users is being recognized. Maybe one related to the forum that will bring more users to register here and be more informed about improvements/events or some other that will allow you to earn users like creating a referral for each new user registered this month on xat you can participate to win a random prize (or just earn 10 xats for each referral).
  4. At xat Graphics we have updated and reviewed all the applications that have been submitted to our portfolio, pending from April 16 to August 28.

  5. This is a design that was donated by me for my collague @Negan who served as Chat Manager of xat.com/La_Stanza in the past, thanks to my contributions/intentions to improve the club and the presence of the Italian community in the forum I became La_Stanza Club Leader on January 02, 2020. Club Avatar Club Banner
  6. You don't have to thank me @Maxo, you deserved it and the fact that you were selected as Monthly Manager just says I'm right! By the way, this background was made at the end of May 2020 so it is one year old, by that time the chat was called this. On the other hand I was informed that we would stop using the word ''HTML5'' (xat.wiki/HTML5) and it would be replaced simply by ''The new xat'' (xat.wiki/News), this decision is not even a year old, the last time we used (xat used) the above mentioned word in an official announcement was on December 8, 2020. I would love to have saved the editable one to rename/fix some mistakes and be able to donate it to the new chat
  7. I will be sharing with you all the graphic resources I have stored from the chats in which I have had the opportunity to be part of the staff team. I have always liked to save all kinds of information (even private conversations) or resources that I think will be useful to me as I spend time on xat. Bot avatar: Original logo: Christmas logo: Backgrounds per anniversary:
  8. Hi, I want to admit that I have been preparing myself since about June, 2020 (last year) in case I had the opportunity to be selected as xat.com/HTML5 Monthly Manager and I will share with you the preparations/plans I had in mind. Design Rewards for finding bugs Due to the name of the chat, I would set up a plan that would promote or incentivize users to help developers with improving/correcting the HTML5 version. Instead of doing a monthly contest like most of the Managers, rewards would be given to all the users who find problems (bugs) and report them on https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/ this way we would find some errors that we are not aware of and/or that some users simply decide not to share (because they see it as a waste of time). Recognizing Contributors in HTML5 Development My thought was not to be the only one to be recognized in that month and to take the bold step of recognizing the hard work of the users who have contributed the most reports on the Bug Traker Leaderboard. It would also include some notable users around the community to keep the chat 100% secure in all languages (most of them). Owners @xLaming with 58 reports (testing user). @Stif with 19 reports + HTML5 Special Thanks @Vevrok with 24 reports (testing user). Moderators (Leaderboard) @theFlower with 16 reports. @Daniel with 11 reports + Mobile Bug Busters Special Thanks @Blacky with 9 reports. @Bau with 8 reports. @Danny with 7 reports. @Samuel with 3 reports. @RobFerrari with 5 reports. @Page with 3 reports. Others Moderators (Notable users) @MasterChief (testing user) @xRavennn (testing user) @Elif(testing user) @Anjalinda @Maxo (testing user) @Nathy (testing user) @iSavage @DJFUNNY @xWolfx Testing Users This group of users will eventually examine all previously reported bugs to confirm them and make sure that those that have already been reported are still active or have been resolved. The bugs examined in the ''Powers'' category by the Testing Users will gain the previously reported power. Improvements in the chat. Assistance will be added ( in fact Feedback was planned to be added) as a shared chat / buddy chat. I hope this plan will inspire you, all users can have fun and at the same time help xat to progress in its development!
  9. Parabens! Te deseo un feliz cumpleaños querida Cherry, espero que este día la pases muy bien. 💘🥳

    1. Cherry


      @Abrahan Muchas gracias por la  felicitación y buenos deseos.(hug)

  10. Hello buyer, You have the chance to get an amazing ID for a really good price, I'm selling (73737077)! Please write me in a message on the forum or contact me in chat /f1534445130. ACCOUNT HISTORY:
  11. Abrahan


    British Empire, thanks to the exports of the British India Companies, later called Indian Empire, Crown rule in India by Victoria I (British Raj). This happened approximately in XVIII when the British harvested tea from the Indian lands neighboring China, the creation of which was recognized by almost all of Europe. FACTS: Since then, the famous British traditional custom of drinking tea at five o'clock in the afternoon was created.
  12. Abrahan


    6 La_Stanza
  13. Hello, Does your chat group have power Banish assigned and activated?
  14. Abrahan


    Wendy's Company
  15. Is it possible to have two types of banned? For example: reverseban and flipban.
  16. Thank you so much honey, seni seviyorum! (blowkiss)

    1. Sevda


      You're welcome, I Sevda you too ♥

  17. Today I will be back to the chats, thanks to those who asked for me 🧡😊.

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Welcome back bro(hug).

  18. Abrahan


  19. Qué Más Pues? 


  20. Hola, Necesitas solicitar un cambio de correo electrónico desde el Sistema de Tickets https://util.xat.com/support/index.php, debes crear una nueva cuenta de xat y abrir el boleto en el departamento "Lost Access". Asegúrate de que el asunto tenga 5 o más palabras. El mensaje deberá de ser enviado en ingles, asegúrate de contar a detalle tu problema y la razón por la que necesitas un cambio de correo electrónico. Si tiene alguna otra pregunta sobre el proceso puede hacerla en este mismo tema antes de que sea cerrado.
  21. It may not be the most beautiful, but the power MIEDO is the best of 2020.
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