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  1. I think this should be enabled in some forums and disabled as in the profile. I do not think that doing this has any benefit (however I do not object), really having a reputation in the xat forum does not make you better than anyone and it is very easy to identify the people who ask others. xat is a place to have fun, I think that creating new rules to limit users to have fun is not achieving the true goal.
  2. I have read the suggestion carefully, this could be very useful. I couldn't understand if only events or a new power were needed, I think this feature should be added to events. Among the negative aspects, I don't think that many people have the interest of sharing their radio IP with someone they don't trust, nor do they want people to be able to make an exact plagiarism of their chat with the Changelogs. Therefore, if a password will be necessary to view this type of records or set the minimum range to view them. But this has more positive things that help the Main Owners know who made some changes, it would be nice to add that person re-established the chat (when the chat is automatically restored the person who did it becomes in Main Owner) registering their ID / NAME. Congratulations to @Vevrok for having this good idea for xat, you have my support.
  3. Hola @paky si necesitabas ayuda, deberías haber abierto este hilo en Soporte en español: https://forum.xat.com/forum/5-soporte-en-español/ Con el comando /o puede hacer que el cuadro de chat concuerde automáticamente ese efecto con todas las caritas que enviarán. Para hacer eso, escriba en la sala principal /o seguido del código del efecto sin el signo #. En tu caso / okmonkey Para obtener más información, visite: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Commands/es


    1. Leandro


      Sir, that's a private club, we can't see the post.



    2. Abrahan


      Join the club, sir.

  5. Você conhece minha amiga Jacquelina?


    1. Vevrok



  6. Hey Black! Thank you for reminding me of this, I have already corrected it.
  7. You have this, you just have to be logged in to the device.
  8. Forgetting if can or not, I think this would be very good to keep us notified of everything that happens in the forum without needing to be online.


    1. Magic


      Anotame @Asha  MagicDesigns (10000020) :$

  10. It made me laugh he got scared first, then he thanked me with a flushing face. I think he touches his heart, if guys, he has one.
  11. Abrahan


    I think they didn't understand haha, just say: why not? I think this would be better than a power of human organs that were suggested in the past.
  12. Chat Box: Chat Background: Button color: #e1ddb1 #db0c02
  13. Pikachu is going to thank you for this.
  14. Abrahan


    Thank you, now only one pawn with a male hairstyle is missing. I hope to see this become a power.
  15. Abrahan


    I think we should first focus on other things, in addition to the trade/cambio chat that allows you to exchange powers / xats / days in real time in a secure way. If we do this, people would stop visiting (even more) the trade chat that has been in my opinion for a long time. I'm sorry, but thanks @Bau
  16. This if it should be done should be implemented only for HTML5, xat is working hard to finish the new version before flash dies, it makes no sense to work on something that will not last long. Currently in HTML5 in trade mode there is a bar ''search'' and button ''add all'' it would be good if we look for a power as in your case BIRD we can click on ''add all'' and only the results will be added. It is a very good suggestion, if you receive good comments or other constructive suggestions to implement it could be taken into account, I invite you to xat Feedback to have a better feedback on the subject.
  17. I was looking for a good xatspace, I will try this, thanks for the input.
  18. ¿Neta?. . ¿Me lo juras?

  19. Abrahan

    SUPERFX power

    I think this is something we already saw coming anyway.
  20. Abrahan


    This reminds me a lot of the Los Picapiedra that I saw when I was little, you should add some male pawns. I love this like all the others.
  21. Abrahannnn (1534445130)
  22. I have tried (d#energy6) but this seems not to work.
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