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  1. Best of luck with your new role, Luana!
  2. Incredible work Santy! We are also proud of you
  3. I found my friend Sydno and (zany) on xat Aiuto!
  4. Happy birthday to my crazy little sister of xat! I'm still going to get revenge for giving me dunce :$.


  5. - The north remembers. 🌠


  6. Feliz cumpleaños loquis, solo por hoy no te reportare ;)!

    1. Leandro


      Muchas gracias compañero, ya tenía miedo de que sí (swt)

  7. How does influence the situation in the country where you live in xat ? Do you think the way xat rewards Smiley Makers is okay, or do you think he should do it differently?
  8. Abrahan

    fell server

    Keep in mind that everything that the Administrator and the collaborators that are making HTML5 are doing are doing it for us, you can be sure that there is no indifference, but if there is a lack of information. I hope we can have a notice or at least a popup tab notifying that in the next few hours there could be changes or the servers could be restarted.
  9. ¡Hola @Jusst! Debes de seguir el protocolo como todos y responder todas las preguntas que sepas / recuerdes sobre la cuenta que esta tratando de cambiar el correo o tratando de obtener una pista según sea su caso. Lamento que su proceso tarde un poco, pero esto es normal y por motivos de seguridad tanto para usted como para el trabajo de los voluntarios que lo están ayudando. Debe de seguir esperando una respuesta en su ticket.
  10. You can use the correct one in HTML5 now: I also like the idea, but it is a delicate subject to allow modifying messages for many reasons. In case this receives a lot of support or becomes a reality, it should not be a power.
  11. Regarding Mosa3adeh chat, you could tell users that they can make sure they have all the powers by using the bot's !Allmissing command.
  12. Hey @LuanTeles, currently there is no way to change the number of messages saved in the chat, the maximum set by default is 20.
  13. - The north remembers.  🌹


    1. Pika


      Buwahahah babe xD :$ thank youuuu(blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss)

  14. I sincerely hope that the Wiki can be used, I do not think that a blog is needed for the chat that has the objective of informing, learning and testing the new version (the blog could be removed at any time, just like the chat).
  15. In 15 minutes we will start earning xats / days!

    Visit us xat.com/MundoSmilies j2ob8jS.gif

  16. Collections are sets of powers that give you the ability to use previously limited pawns of the specific genre of the collection, therefore it is necessary that these pawns first belong to a power. By the way, very good examples!
  17. Sei molto intelligente. . image.png.8713001b46d63933e5984fd415266f71.png


  18. Currently xat is focused and working on more important things, this does not mean that the suggestion is not valid or that it will not be done but for now it is not a priority. In the meantime we will have to settle for clicking to see a user's rank or more information, this is a good suggestion and I hope they do it soon.
  19. Thank you very much @Bau, I had forgotten to update this.
  20. Abrahan


    ¡Seguro! En esta pagina puede probar combinaciones de smilies: https://mundosmilies.com/generators/smiley/ En esta pagina encontrara combinaciones de smilies creadas por otros usuarios: https://mundosmilies.com/smilies/ En esta pagina encontraras diferentes generadores de textos cool para tu nick: https://mundosmilies.com/generators/letters/
  21. Abrahan


    ¡Hola @pakyy! Utiliza la radio de xat Ayuda y xat Noticias, IP:; (solo para la versión flash) Para Incrustar Reproductor de Radio debajo de tu chat utiliza la siguiente pagina: https://i.xat.wiki/sc/ Pasos: Ve al generador y seleccionamos la opción ”Radio” En la opción ''IP'' debe de poner el enlace de su Radio: En la opción ''Port'' (Puerto) debe de poner el puerto de su Radio: 8828 Copia el código que saldrá y ese lo incrustas en tu chat. Vamos a nuestro chat, en ''Edit'' y lo pegas en
  22. I left xat in 2014, then I started to come eventually but without any commitment. Finally in 2018 I come back, here is my childhood and I consider it my home.
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