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  1. Let's celebrate the 13th anniversary of xat.com/Aiuto together! Yes, as you read it! The chat will soon be 13 years old since its creation in 2008 by former Italian Volunteer Davide. We are going to be asking Guess the Smilie and some Questions about xat (security and help topics). Everyone will have the opportunity to participate and win, win 1 and skip 1. The celebration will take place at xat.com/Aiuto on Thursday, February 4, at 21:30 PM (Rome, Italy UTC + 1) See you there! The prize pool is 10,000 xats (thanks to @Demonattack) and by the way we are still accepting donations. We will also be celebrating my first year as Main Owner (February 1, 2020) I'm so proud of this, I remember like it was yesterday! SURPRISES! We have invited some of the oldest and most prominent staff in the Italian community who were part of the xat Aiuto staff team, perhaps we can see there to @Davide (former Volunteer), @Vale (former Volunteer), @Alieno (former Main Owner), @Ethan (former Main Owner and Wiki Translator), @Matti (fomer Wiki Translator). We have also invited Volunteers who have been involved in xat Aiuto during the ownership transition last year, maybe we can see @Cupim (Volunteer), @Solange (Volunteer) and @Sydno (Volunteer) there. I'm sure @Stif will also be there with us to take the whole prize (JOKE!) We will be releasing our first xatframe in honor of the celebration (thanks to @RobFerrari). All staff will receive a power (celebrate)! #xatFacts Did you know that the official help chat in Italian language was created with the name of Aiuti and then it was modified to Aiuto? Sincerely, Abrahan
  2. @Page Congratulations and welcome to the Contributors group! I am looking forward to seeing you participate in the group and give your contribution to make xat a much better website for everyone, I am sure we will.
  3. The only thing related to that topic is that they are both talking about adding new features to the xat store, but the ideas are completely different. I like this idea, in the past I had thought to suggest something similar to this. I usually play Free Fire and there is something called the ''Elite Pass'' that gives you some advantages, discounts and limited items, but I never got to discourage the idea to publish it here (normally it had to be bought every month or every two months). You mean that every time a new power comes out in the store, the subs+ will have it automatically? If so, it would be ideal that they can only obtain the unlimited powers that xat launches in the store, they would have the advantage of having these powers first of all without having to be attentive to the store. If users want to have more than one power then they will have to watch the banner counter / store or buy it when it is fully released. Regarding discounts, I would like this to work for all users. That is, eventually and for a limited time xat will place some discounts in the store, it could also implement discount coupons with codes, you can see the suggestion here: Good work Paul, I hope to see users helping to develop this suggestion better and the Administrator involved, this has potential!
  4. The new version 4.4 of the official Aiuto blog is now available, try it now xat-aiuto.com!


    Join the Italian community on the official xat forum to see what this update brings:


  5. Today I will be all day at xat.com/Feedback taking suggestions and comments about xat!



    1. DjCrazy


      I will be there too (blowkiss)

  6. What power does the smiley of an airplane have?

    1. Vevrok


      it's a free smiley: (airplane#)

    2. Abrahan


      That smiley was useless for what I was doing, but thanks anyway! I use the smiley (tplane)

    3. Mao


      it's a free smiley

  7. Abrahan


    When you saved the Macros, did you wait for the system to notify you that the changes were saved successfully?
  8. Abrahan


    The main smilie of the Angel power does not work, it does not fly.
  9. Abrahan

    Namegrad Bug

    Sorry but could you give more details of the steps to reproduce the error? What is the error exactly? Thanks!
  10. The problem seems to be the URL you used to generate the code - use this By the way if your radio uses http://, your radio will not play for users using Google Chrome. Remember to use the Forum Support when you need help with issues related to xat, Bug Tracker should only be used for internal and not external problems such as radio generators.
  11. Well, the kicks are intended to serve as a warning to users to discourage them from breaking the rules and the bans are intended to punish users for their wrongdoing and should be treated as such. It is recommended that you only ban users who really deserve it, so that other users do not see it as abusive. Banning with a reason is only a recommendation, it is not required. There is no code of conduct guide that xat imposes as an obligation. Group owners are free to manage and moderate as they want, but without abuse. What if you consider it inappropriate or an unfair banned? You can report the chat as inappropriate if you think they are abusing banned / kicks or if they are breaking the xat terms and services. In the Flash version (not yet in HTML5) upon being banned you have the possibility to report UnFair Banned and a message will be sent to the chat manager. This topic should be of general discussion, unless you are suggesting to make a mandatory moderation code for all chats in which it is first notified, next kick and then banned (like official chats). However, if you're talking about an official chat, please report it to the main owner immediately. And if the main owner is the one being unfair, please use the ticket system to report what's going on. Thanks to you!
  12. Hello, remember that bugs must be published in English. Can you tell us which URL/IP you used to generate the code?
  13. ¡Hola! Actualmente estamos trabajando en nuevas actualizaciones y mejoras en nuestros servidores, eso es lo que ha causado que la mayoría de los bots se encuentren desconectados en este momento, al igual que hace unos días. Lamentamos los problemas ocasionados, pronto estaremos de vuelta. Le recomendaría utilizar otro servidor que entonces cumpla con sus expectativas y/o exigencias. Siempre que tenga alguna otra pregunta o sugerencia respecto a OpenBOT puede contactarme enviándome un mensaje privado aquí en el foro, visitar xat.com/openbot o abrir un tema en el club del foro. Gracias.
  14. This is interesting, but it could only apply to the web and not to chat backgrounds.
  15. Happy birthday to my fav!  Best wishes to you, I hope you have an amazing day🏍💙

  16. Happy birthday David! 

    1. David


      Thank you!!

  17. Oh! One of my favorite games in xat Ganar, unfortunately today I will not be able to be there with you to have fun together but I wish all the participants good luck. Note: The rock always wins .
  18. Olá, Você pode comprar o power Nofollow para bloquear usuários que você adicionou para ver em qual grupo de chat você está. Normalmente, os amigos aos quais você adicionou podem ver em qual chat você está, a menos que tenha o power Nofollow. Também recomendo visitar os chats que têm a opção "Não salvar mensagens" ativada.
  19. Abrahan


    ¡Hola, Pakyy! Te explicare paso a paso como hacerlo Entrando al Editor: Dirígete a tu chat y en la parte superior coloca el cursor donde dice ''Grupo'' Se desplegaran varias opciones y deberás hacer click en ''Personalizar'' Luego deberás de colocar la contraseña de tu chat. Colocando Revolvermaps: Una vez en el editor de tu chat, haz click en donde dice ''Pestañas'' Selecciona la pestaña principal (por defecto suele llamarse ''comentarios'') Deberás de generar un Codigo BB en esta pagina: https://mundosmilies.com/bbcodes/revolvermaps/ Una vez generador el Codigo BB, vuelve al Editor y en la parte inferir pega el código. Por ultimo haz click en ''Guardar'' y espera hasta que aparezca un mensaje de que los cambios fueron guardados exitosamente. Poner juegos (Bubble shooter) Siga todos los pasos anteriores que utilizo para colocar Revolvermaps. Genera el código BB de tu juego aquí: https://mundosmilies.com/bbcodes/bs/ Espero esto te sea de utilidad, buena suerte.
  20. Hi Elexis, The sound problem only happens with the radio or with xat too? What browser are you using?
  21. Thank you for your good wishes and for motivating us to do our best to make xat a more pleasant place for everyone, also for being here with us. Happy New Year for you too!
  22. Do you have your hat ready to celebrate the new year at xat? S_(p1pwn*00c000*hat1*w0i0ip)_40

    1. iDan


      no have day xd

  23. Happy New Year! :$

    1. DUYGU


      Happy New Year Abrahan    (hug)  

  24. OMG! Check out xat's Facebook / Instagram 🎁

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