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  1. These are the results (click to see the GIF image): @theFlower | oooTheflowerooo (1531162882) UNCLAIMED @Abada | Abada (889987766) CLAIMED @Solange | Solange (223326780) UNCLAIMED Go to xat Aiuto and contact me to receive your prize. It is important that you confirm that you received the prize. From now on everyone has 48 hours according to the rules of the forum to claim the prize, otherwise new winners will be chosen instead. Remember to always visit the chats of the Italian community. Congratulations!
  2. The giveway will end today, you still have time to participate.
  3. Italian Version At xat Aiuto we have decided to celebrate Ferragosto (Italian holiday) with great joy, fun and incredible prizes, that is why we want to make this contest for the entire xat community. We will choose 3 random winners who post a comment with their USERNAME and ID. 100 xats Rules: Respond to this thread with your username and your ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The winner must contact the xat News Main Owner to obtain the prize.
  4. Abrahan

    xat App iOS

    Hi! I have not published a design in this forum for a long time, the last publication was a suggestion for a new web design for the xat home page. This time I come to present a new design for the xat mobile application on iOS devices. Many people have a very bad perspective on the current design of the application, they all want something more modern and at the same time simple to be able to use from anywhere; Here it is! xat App iOS - Profile (10/08/20) I will continue to work on this, so if you have any suggestions or questions you can comment below.
  5. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Dey! Ten un buen dia, no olvides emborracharte

    1. Deymians


      Muchas gracias amigo, te estimo mucho ❤. Y no, de hecho te escribo esto con vaso de ron en mano 😎

  6. w7P1IVX.gif

    1. Page


      Hahaha come back here (hug) @Abrahan

  7. Happy birthday dear Elya!

    1. elya


      @Abrahan Thank you! 🐱

  8. Mi pan su su su, su su su 🐑.

    1. Samuel


      Santo cristo, como puedes seguir existiendo.

    2. Kevin


      Mi pan yatkajus ñam ñam ñam

  9. ¡Oye! Feliz cumpleños Cherry, espero tengas un dia increible rodeada de tus seres queridos. (applause)

    1. DjDanny24


      Happy  Birthday  sis @CH3RRY I love  you (blowkiss):$(hug)


    2. CH3RRY
    3. CH3RRY
  10. At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discuss
  11. Abrahan


    xat accepts all constructive suggestions you have and evaluates them! We have FANTASY, SWORDFX and some others powers that include medieval weapons. But in this case firearms are related to violence and/or terrorism. Although we are in modern times, remember that xat is used by people of all ages and not only by adults, so it would not be good to promote smilies with firearms for young people.
  12. Abrahan


    I remember that in the past there was a suggestion from a power called MAFIA, unfortunately xat cannot and will not promote this theme which includes weapons. I think you could be more creative and add other examples, thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Proud of you night king @Leandro! Your efforts to improve xat, report bugs, give suggestions are now recognized and I hope you serve as an example to follow to all people who are also interested in improving xat in some way.
  14. Happy birthday Fleur! I wish you the best this special day mate, have a great time and thanks for everything(applause)

  15. More new things are coming! 🤩

    1. Cupim


      Keep up the good work!

  16. Buon compleanno! Un altro anno di vita e un altro da godere in xat. (applause)

    1. ALEX


      Grazie :) !! troppo gentile..


  17. From the first day I met you I never doubted that I could tell you anything, I love you babe! 🥀

    1. Pika



  18. Since Powers view was renewed, the Sticker theme powers are not visible in none of the options (even in ''all''). Only in the following: A-Z: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from a to z. Z-A: Powers are listed alphabetically starting from z to a. Because the default powers view is by ''Categories'' people often think that they don't have this power, even when they are going to see ''all'' the powers they have is not there either. SUGGESTION: The default view should be ''All'' All powers (Sticker) must be included in that list.
  19. Power ID: 600



    1. Math


      600 test?

    2. Abrahan


      It's a joke emo, kkk.

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