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  1. I remember that this was also suggested to verify the accounts of the Volunteers and that users could identify them.
  2. Personally I think that a pawn is not necessary, the only user that uses an exclusive pawn to be differentiated among all (even volunteers) is the xat Admin and celebrities. Ideally, resellers should contact the Chat Manager of the chat group that was kicked, they are authorized trusted users, however I believe that in the case of Help and Lobby chats they cannot be promoting the sale or purchase of xats outside the store (they can use a status), but in Trade chats it is different. I remember Santy had this problem in xat Cambio, he needed to sell his xats and Solange kindly suggested that he become a Reseller so that he could do it without any problem.

    1. Sara


      Adorooooo 😍😍

    2. Abrahan


      Ti voglio tanti bene💞.

    3. Sara


      puro yo abrahan, te quiero mucho bien <3


  4. Oi Abraoõo está aqui para desejar-lhe um feliz aniversário! Que todos os seus desejos e objetivos se tornem realidade; que você tenha um dia maravilhoso com toda sua família e não esqueça seus amigos aqui no xat, um abraço🧡.


    You're officially older than me, ily.

    1. Page


      Thanks honey, ily too and yes you’re younger ❤️

      Agradeço de coração, jamais esquecerei os bons amigos que eu tenho. 

      Woo Hoo Season 7 GIF by Friends

  5. Flags are normally used so that users have an idea of the staff's time zone in case they want to contact them. I've seen icons being added to some names in the list, so I don't see why we can't add the flags. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Please feel free to report any issue on the Bug Tracker, even if it is already known, ideally it should be posted there! Developers and testers will take care of fixing it.
  7. Users can use default effects in smilies even if they do not have the power and are not registered in xat. However, only they are able to see it. I have tested this on Google Chrome and Firefox, use power cycle, mirror and invert.
  8. It would be amazing if the icon for the ''Night Mode'' feature were a Moon.
  9. This is a compilation of users who made suggestions similar to this power. I am happy to see that sooner or later the suggestions of users are taken into account by xat when they see its potential, I hope this serves as an example or inspiration to see more ideas or crazy suggestions here in the forum or in the Feedback chat - Enjoy!
  10. Abrahan


    Hi @theFlower, this bug has been fixed and the blast animations were implemented in the last xat update. Thanks for reporting!
  11. Abrahan


    This bug was fixed in the last update.
  12. Abrahan


    This has been fixed in the last update.
  13. Abrahan


    This seems to be fixed with the latest version. The smilie code to work correctly is (ooo).
  14. Abrahan


    This seems to be fixed with the latest version.
  15. Me watching the new xat version 1.54


    1. iSavage


      That's me currently babe :p

    2. SapphireOfficial


      Aha bro it's nice new update!

    3. RobFerrari


      Too useful for quick options this Quickbar, except for the smilies that you can't keep the window open to keep clicking smilies that you want to keep using.

  16. Happy birthday Raven, thank you for your trust in me and your friendship! 


    1. xRavennn


      Thank you, Abrahan!!

  17. The bug is reproduced when users have 0 days, you must have at least 1 day of subscription to be able to use the translator and that it works correctly. @theFlower Can you get a day and confirm this?
  18. Did the translator activate correctly? What language did I use when this bug was reproduced?
  19. ¡Hola, Martinsolarte! El único idioma permitido en el Soporte de Tickets de xat es el Ingles. Actualmente Solange (223326780) es la única voluntaria que tiene como idioma nativo el Español, puedes ponerte en contacto con ella aquí en el foro mediante un mensaje privado y explicarle la situación para que pueda decirte que es lo que tienes que hacer/responder. Lo normal es que los voluntarios/as de xat te hagan una serie de preguntas para asegurarse de que seas el propietario de la cuenta y en tu caso puedan cambiar el email asociado a la cuenta por una nueva. Si necesita ayuda con el mensaje en ingles puede pedirlo aquí o enviándome un mensaje privado, pero asegúrate de no compartir tu información personal o la información de la cuenta y tampoco incluya la información del ticket (numero de boleto y fecha).
  20. This bug was fixed and should now work. Thanks for reporting this!
  21. Well for that we have the Forum Moderators (all Volunteers are Moderators) to supervise them, I don't think it takes a long time to glance at the contests when they are posted. Probably the solution that the forum team is working on makes the Moderators more involved in the contests forum, anyway I have never seen a suggestion to make a rank of this nature in the forum, thanks for sharing it.
  22. I don't agree that creating a contest too often will get you ranked, anyway good Laming suggestion. Why do users who create contests often need to be identified? Is there any risk? For some reason we have the Prize Holders of the forum.
  23. Although invisible was reported a few months ago by another user, kick / ban / gag is not the problem, the problem is the animations of the powers blast when you do an action that activates them. In addition to the powers blast, we also found that the animations of the kisses, when away is activated and then deactivated, gift make you visible. Note: All users with any rank can see you when you turn visible. Thanks to Master117 (365317524), xRavennn (544545627), and xELIF (1010203) for testing this.
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