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  1. We will start in 20 minutes, we are waiting for you!
  2. https://xat-aiuto.com/ now available in Romanian language. 

  3. A user asked me to report this bug, smilies or powers that start with the letter '' i '' when combined with others are automatically reversed. For example: (d#idea) / (d#irish). Thanks to homaLditesta (1515869417).
  4. Some people would like to be able to use the tropical glasses on the power xavi.
  5. Hi @RadioDoamna ! I have visited your chat and it seems that it is running correctly for all users, at least for now. If the friend problem happens again, do F5 and if it doesn't work, try clearing the cookie / cache from your browser and login again. Unfortunately you must use the translator, the only languages allowed in the help forum are Spanish, Portuguese and English. Remember that xat.com/Ajutor the Romanian language xat help is available with trained personnel to answer questions and help you solve your problems with a faster response.
  6. An idea occurred to me last night that apparently would fit this suggestion perfectly. Discount coupons Discount codes allow you to get a 10% - 20% discount on the purchase of xat packages and they have a period of time to expire. Currently many websites and games use discount codes to boost the number of purchases made by users who obtain them. The discount codes could be given by xat as a form of prize, that is, it would substitute the powers as rewards on some occasions. Currently the xat Facebook page has some Featured Fans of which one could be selected at ran
  7. Reminder: Do not share your personal information with anyone. :) 

  8. Because the trcocktail smiley is censored as an inappropriate word it is not available in the HTML5 version.
  9. ID: 603 NAME: TROPICAL STATUS: Unlimited PRICE: Unknow CATEGORY: User Power WIKI PAGE: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tropical SMILIES: PAWNS:
  10. Thank you all for participating! The prizes were handed out and a moderator can now close this thread.
  11. Since two of the winners did not contact me via chat/forum, these are the new results(click to see the GIF image): @Jake | iJuanR (410077992) CLAIMED @Enge | Enge (1492586443) CLAIMED Go to xat Aiuto and contact me to receive your prize. It is important that you confirm that you received the prize. From now on everyone has 48 hours according to the rules of the forum to claim the prize, otherwise new winners will be chosen instead. Congratulations!
  12. Thanks for the invitation to participate, here are the results: https://prnt.sc/u1vb1d https://prnt.sc/u1vdhl https://prnt.sc/u1vfou https://prnt.sc/u1vhcb https://prnt.sc/u1vnkq https://prnt.sc/u1vnkq https://prnt.sc/u1vqak https://prnt.sc/u1vs3z https://prnt.sc/u1vs3z https://prnt.sc/u1vwbd I really liked helping you and being able to have fun with all of you, I hope it will be repeated soon.
  13. These are the results (click to see the GIF image): @theFlower | oooTheflowerooo (1531162882) UNCLAIMED @Abada | Abada (889987766) CLAIMED @Solange | Solange (223326780) UNCLAIMED Go to xat Aiuto and contact me to receive your prize. It is important that you confirm that you received the prize. From now on everyone has 48 hours according to the rules of the forum to claim the prize, otherwise new winners will be chosen instead. Remember to always visit the chats of the Italian community. Congratulations!
  14. The giveway will end today, you still have time to participate.
  15. Italian Version At xat Aiuto we have decided to celebrate Ferragosto (Italian holiday) with great joy, fun and incredible prizes, that is why we want to make this contest for the entire xat community. We will choose 3 random winners who post a comment with their USERNAME and ID. 100 xats Rules: Respond to this thread with your username and your ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The winner must contact the xat News Main Owner to obtain the prize.
  16. Abrahan

    xat App iOS

    Hi! I have not published a design in this forum for a long time, the last publication was a suggestion for a new web design for the xat home page. This time I come to present a new design for the xat mobile application on iOS devices. Many people have a very bad perspective on the current design of the application, they all want something more modern and at the same time simple to be able to use from anywhere; Here it is! xat App iOS - Profile (10/08/20) I will continue to work on this, so if you have any suggestions or questions you can comment below.
  17. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Dey! Ten un buen dia, no olvides emborracharte

    1. Deymians


      Muchas gracias amigo, te estimo mucho ❤. Y no, de hecho te escribo esto con vaso de ron en mano 😎

  18. w7P1IVX.gif

    1. Page


      Hahaha come back here (hug) @Abrahan

  19. Happy birthday dear Elya!

    1. elya


      @Abrahan Thank you! 🐱

  20. Mi pan su su su, su su su 🐑.

    1. Samuel


      Santo cristo, como puedes seguir existiendo.

    2. Kevin


      Mi pan yatkajus ñam ñam ñam

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