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  1. The Feedback in the xat chats is really very positive, the new update and the implementation of many powers that previously did not work correctly has made everyone happy! The wait was worth it, in addition to correcting many things, they also added new ones and the ones I liked the most are: Date of Marriage/BFF Hide/Show Userlist Nameflag power has been added Ruby jewel name has been added Bump power has been added I think this would be my top, one of the biggest demands was to run the most expensive power of xat and final
  2. Higher rank: https://prnt.sc/urjl7m Same rank: https://i.imgur.com/rwUyNBE.png Both work, did you try this in another chat? This also depends on the size of the chat box.
  3. Abrahan


    Solo debe de color el nombre de USUARIO o la ID, no ambos.
  4. Abrahan


    ¡Hola! Suponiendo que es su chat usted deberá poseer el rango de Main Owner por lo cual debería de tener la opción de bannear a un usuario esté conectado o no en su sala de chat. Por favor asegurate de tener ese rango, en caso de no tenerlo le dejare 2 guías a continuación: ¿Como me hago Main Owner en mi chat? Dirigete a la pagina https://xat.com/chats#!editgroup Coloca los datos de acceso NOMBRE DEL GRUPO + CONTRASEÑA En la página de personalización de su chat haga clic en ''Main Owner'' Para agregarte como Main Owner, pon tu ID o nombre de usua
  5. Buon compleanno, grazie per tanto supporto e per una bellissima amicizia! 🧡

  6. The new version V4.3 of the Aiuto blog is available! Try it now https://xat-aiuto.com/ :o 


    • New flat design.
    • Color adjustment.
    • More ordered menu.
    • New resources (all xat logos are available).
    • The English, Romanian and Spanish language is now available.


    If you find any error or bug contact me, enjoy!



    1. Vevrok


      A W E S O M E BLOG

  7. What browser are you using? Do you have an extension activated?
  8. The new web design for xat-aiuto.com is coming soon! 8-)

  9. Hello! If you are held for a maximum of 7 days, you should wait out the hold. Normally when trying to trade or transfer you get a message that your account is Held and the days you have to wait. If you're experiencing a repeated cycle, you will need a ticket. "Account hold" is the help topic that should be selected when opening a ticket. Please note that the temporary hold after an account is unlocked cannot be removed. If you're held for more than 7 days, or if you're experiencing System Problem (25) or (55), you will need a ticket. "Account block" is the help topic th
  10. The quick contest is over, I hope everyone had fun celebrating this special day for xat! A special thanks to: Chats Managers: @Bau HTML5 / @Goku Game Helpers: @Blacky / @Lemona / @Luana The random winner is: @srbi9o https://i.imgur.com/byiC1j1.gif
  11. Forget to add GTM + 2 in HTML5, this is happening now. Sorry !
  12. The contest is ending in xat HTML5! Do you have the xat Wiki or Google ready?

    1. Math


      I have nothing what do I do?

  13. The GameBot is ready and waiting for you at xat Game! Do you already have your celebration hat? :o

    1. HelperNate


      Wait, GameBot works again?

    2. Abrahan


      It works in Game, but not in Aiuto. :( 

    3. HelperNate


      I just tested it, and it still has the same problem I brought up on the forum. You must have been lucky that nobody else was commanding it.

  14. Waiting for you at xat Aiuto! We will start in a few minutes.


  15. Hello! First of all we wish you a happy day, today we celebrate the 14th anniversary of xat and we want to have fun with all of you. Some official chats we have organized small quick contests one after another and you are our special guest Aiuto, official Help chat in Italian: Spacewar (21:00 GMT+2) | Prize: 2000 xats. Game, official Game chat: Matchrace + Trivia (22:00 GMT) | Prize: 2000 xats. HTML5, official HTML5 chat: Trivia (23:00 GMT) | Prize: 10.000 xats. Have fun! The person who takes screenshot and publishes it here will be participating to win 300
  16. Hi! I am pleased to announce that with the help of Goku (1000045) we are hosting a quick little contest in honor of xat's Anniversary. Matchrace: 40 rounds / 25 xats prize. Trivia: 20 questions / 50 xats prize. All questions will refer to xat (includes xat Wiki, Contributors and history)! Rules: Do not use another account or it will increase your chances. Win 1 and Skip 1. Prize Holder: GameBot & Abrahan.
  17. Happy xat Anniversary! Visit the official chats and keep up to date with the games below, also participate in the xat social networks and have the opportunity to win incredible prizes. :o 


  18. Stay tuned!

  19. During this week xat Facebook is asking questions about xat in honor of its anniversary, don't miss the opportunity to participate!


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