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  1. I confirm that I have received my prize, thanks for doing the contest. @Anas
  2. Rhea, feliz cumpleaños ! (victory)

  3. Participate and win the power SPOOKIES.


  4. Abrahan

    SATANIC power

    A great job and good creativity, no doubt this should be done. Maybe add 2 more smilie instead of the heart.
  5. I really love this new smile, everyone is great. Do these not belong to any Halloween collection?
  6. Now that we are making progress forward in xat, it is time to talk about the main page and implement new options. xat Stories: Stories have been a success in other social networks or forums. This will generate a more constant relationship with users. xat News: This will make it easier for users to be informed of important ads such as the implementation of HTML5 or news from xat Wiki. xat Last: It will be displayed which were the last chat created and registered users. Currently the main page has a lot of space that could be used if decided, to do new things. In the xat Stories they have as main attraction the ability to share with your community all those experiences that you consider most relevant from your day to day, both personal and professional with the xat community. Take into account that: it will be necessary to have a staff pending inappropriate reports or misuse. A group could be created to approve or reject Stories but it should be in real time. I hope to see Feedback.
  7. Participate and win the new power: 


    1. Magic


      Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.:'(

  8. A creepy hairy hand that appears beneath the earth moving. The hairy hand is a Mexican legend, it appears in the movie '' The Crazy Adams '' Before making a suggestion make sure that it does not currently exist: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Halloween
  9. Now there will be sorcerers / witches in all xat, especially in Trade. How scary! Wiki page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Fear
  10. Suggestions in process.

  11. Interesting, although I think it might be better to include cleaning smilies in new powers without the need to do this. . I think this will serve the creativity of the creators of smiles. Thanks for suggesting this.
  12. I confirm that I have received my prize. @Anas Thank you very much for the contest.
  13. Here I leave a suggestion that was made in the past just like this: Power: (groupchat) You can browse and search the forums when you are not sure that something has already been suggested in the past using '' search '' https://forum.xat.com/search/
  14. Hi @theFlower, I recommend adding more information about the suggestion to have a better understanding of it. If you mean a conversation with more than 2 users in private then feel free to create a chat group to interact with them. I remember that this was suggested in the past and I don't think it's really necessary, just activate in your chat `` Only for members / registered people ''. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Several users have visited the xat Ayuda wondering where they can now see their assigned group powers in case they forgot. Previously we should only go to login, enter our access data and click on login. Users report that now in the new HTML5 version it does not work. Could someone report if it is a bug, if it is working on it or if there is a new way to see it.
  16. Abrahan

    New Trade app

    Is this application also working for the mobile application of xat? If not, it would be great if this were done.
  17. Having several hair powers does not mean that we cannot have another one, we have a lot of Christmas / Halloween / Valentine. It has added a unique touch that is different from the others, they are cute hairstyles. Good work drawing I hope to see it one day come true.
  18. For people who do not believe that xat has changed, they should see the evolution it has had from 2010 to now 2019. 


    Really they have striven!:p

  19. A long time ago there were no new editors, congratulations for having obtained this in some way. .
  20. Feliz cumpleaños, Angel! (swt)

  21. Feliz cumpleaños, Dimple! (applause)

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