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  1. Congratulations @MasterChief! I am glad they have finally looked to you to recognize your efforts and contributions to the development of the new xat. I am sure you will do a good job as Main Owner during the month of June, I am looking forward to see what you have to bring. Keep up the good work.
  2. Abrahan


    Abrahan (1534445130)
  3. The heat/sun is not my thing, so I don't love it but I don't hate it either. I remember that every year when summer came I would go with my whole family (more than 21 people) to a new beach in Venezuela every year. Previously Venezuela was a very touristic place because of its low prices, landscapes and the best beaches in the Caribbean. Whenever I went to the beach I had the opportunity to meet people from other countries, I remember the last time I made friends with a German woman and I also met 3 Italian people. Without a doubt what I like most about the summer is traveling while being surrounded by my family, seeing new places and of course having fun; let's not forget the tequila shots please!
  4. I'll consider this a pre-birthday party, don't miss it .
  5. Since we have that option elsewhere in the chat group you can take advantage of that space for other features that have not yet been implemented, for example: The social networks of that chat (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) similar to the options offered by having a YouTube channel: Options to share the chat on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Rate chat with Facebook likes (this existed in the Flash version) View how many people have marked the chat as a favorite within xat. View how many people have bookmarked the chat as a favorite in web browsers. I am sure that xat developers can be even more creative with other ideas and implement them in the future.
  6. The current navEmbedBottom icon on the tabs at the bottom of the chat is not very visible, because it is on a dark blue background and the icon is black. For better visuaziliation, attention grabbing and better aesthetics in the chat I am suggesting to use the xat embed2 icon instead. Previously I made a suggestion to remove the button from that place, but in case it is not considered perhaps it would be better to change the icon of this button for the reasons mentioned above. Keep xat great!
  7. Although having the option to embed a chat at the bottom right in the tab bar is the old/traditional way, users have already adapted to the new option from the top menu under the ''Group'' option. The suggestion is to eliminate the old/traditional form (recently implemented) to take advantage of that space for another button or options. A negative aspect is that the old/traditional way of embedding a chat is more visible to users, it does not need to be displayed. Leave your thoughts on this, thanks!
  8. Hello, it is Abrahan dedicating this letter to @xWolfx and @Kyle!
  9. Even if you do not have the power Boot and even if it does not work, the option to transfer to a user is active by default in the kick dialog.
  10. Abrahan

    Hush timer

    The Hush power smiley has added functionality that allows it to be used as a timer, however when setting any amount of time it does not work and the arena never runs out.
  11. Congratulations @Lemona! for the new role you are going to perform for xat within the forum.
  12. Hello everyone, The following suggestion is to solve an error that users have according to the resolution/size of their computer screen when choosing the language they want to use in xat and also to find it in a faster way. Not all languages are visible, in order to see the list of languages supported by xat you will have to do CONTROL and - to reduce the size of the website in your browser. This problem can be easily solved by adding a scroll bar, it is also advisable to make the list size shorter for aesthetic reasons as in the following example: Alternatively or additionally a search dialog should be added to the top, so you don't have to scroll the bar - unless you want to. Any other ideas on this suggestion are welcome, thanks!
  13. I am suggesting to change the color of this pawn, due to its small size and color it can be difficult to differentiate it from the Cyan pawn. Maybe you can make it a brighter color to make it stand out, like #1863F7. If others agree, I invite you to suggest other colors for this pawn.
  14. You are probably not informed or aware of this, but the Turkish Government through the BTK has launched an application for all those companies or websites that were censored in the country and wish to appeal. Even in some cases you can see if there is a decision to block your website and what is the reason, because some sites were not communicated the block/reason, we could say that censorship and freedom are being relaxed again. After submitting the application you will have to ''fight'' for what will be administrative expenses, you will have to have a physical person with rights of the website in the country or in some Turkish embassy in the world, hire a lawyer, print papers, send physical and signed documents by the owners of xat from England to Turkey, you will probably also have to pay some kind of tax or itinerary to the court that will take the case.
  15. The problem is that each Smiley Maker has its own style, some use more vectors while others prefer to use brush/pencil tools, some are more detailed, some use the kawaii theme, etc. All should work with the same style and following the same guidelines for xat.
  16. Parabéns cunhado! 8-)

    1. slint


      Obrigado cunhado (hug)

  17. Happy birthday mate!

    1. Nathan


      Thanks !!

  18. Happy birthday wife, best wishes and best vibes on your day! 

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you hubby!! See you later (blowkiss)

  19. All winners received their prize on time, now a forum moderator can close this topic. Thanks!
  20. ¡Que pases un feliz cumpleaños, Leandrito! kisses.

  21. Abrahan


    I remember in the past something similar was done to request feedback on a specific topic (I think it was an update) and the Official Chats were used to promote the form, this is not a bad idea. Thanks for the suggestion!
  22. No se preocupe, deberá intentar solucionar su problema atreves del Soporte de Tickets de xat siguiendo estos pasos: Dirígete a https://util.xat.com/support/index.php y haga clic en ''Open New Ticket'' Completa el formulario con la información de su cuenta. En Help Topic seleccione ''Short names and Groups'' En Subject coloque el titulo de su problema con más de 5 palabras. En Message deberá de explicar detalladamente el problema que estas teniendo. Para abrir un ticket en el departamento anteriormente mencionado usted necesita ser usuario de pago (haber comprado xats en la tienda oficial de xat.com ltd). En caso de que no sea usuario de pago, seleccione el departamento ''Chat Block'' y un voluntario tratara de ayudarlo/asesorarlo con una posible solución de manera apropiada.
  23. ¡Hola, zKaanzitoxd! Por lo que entiendo usted olvido el correo con el que creo su grupo de chat y no el de su cuenta/usuario ¿o usted utilizo el correo asociado a su cuenta de xat para crearlo en su momento? Luego de aclarar esto yo o alguna otra persona le indicara los pasos a seguir para que su problema posiblemente pueda ser resuelto. Gracias.
  24. Hello community, The suggestion is very simple, implement ''Community Answers'' in the Leaderboard of the forum in the Top Members section. This could give a little boost to users to help in General Support and recognize their contribution to xat within the forum.
  25. Hello @Vilen, I want to remind you that I am still holding your prize and that you are the only one left to claim it.
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