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  1. ¿Neta?. . ¿Me lo juras?

  2. Abrahan

    SUPERFX power

    I think this is something we already saw coming anyway.
  3. Abrahan


    This reminds me a lot of the Los Picapiedra that I saw when I was little, you should add some male pawns. I love this like all the others.
  4. Abrahannnn (1534445130)
  5. I have tried (d#energy6) but this seems not to work.
  6. 4 new smilies were added to the power. And 2 new pawns:


    1. Magic



      Lo sentimos, no podemos mostrar este contenido porque no tienes permiso para verlo.

  8. Then you can suggest one that really according to you is good or worthwhile. Good job, I like the pawn.
  9. I see them, I know everything.

  10. Participate and win the power WOODLAND !


  11. (Wosing), (wochainsaw) and (wofire) were added to the new power.
  12. Abrahan


    Yes that is the case, I think that as they increase they also decrease their price. I don't fully understand how this works.
  13. Abrahan


    You should add the credits to the one who gave the idea, I was hoping to discuss this first in Feedback to hear real-time feedback and better study the suggestion to make the proposal in the forum. Short names are one of the many exclusive benefits for the consumer who buys xats and wants to further improve his experience at xat.com. The main idea of this suggestion was to motivate users to be loyal to xat, not simply reduce the cost of short names because some people see it as expensive. We can do events on days like the anniversary of xat, black sale and others. Where
  14. Samu, feliz cumpleaños S_(lolipop)_40!

  15. Abrahan

    Power Zoom

    Currently the power Zoom is not working. When you mouse over the image, it does not increase its size. I currently use Google Chrome in Window 10 operating system. Thanks to @CH3RRY we could see this in xat5.
  16. You already tried xat HTML5? 

  17. I confirm that I have received my prize, thanks for doing the contest. @Anas
  18. Rhea, feliz cumpleaños ! (victory)

  19. Participate and win the power SPOOKIES.


  20. Abrahan

    SATANIC power

    A great job and good creativity, no doubt this should be done. Maybe add 2 more smilie instead of the heart.
  21. I really love this new smile, everyone is great. Do these not belong to any Halloween collection?
  22. Now that we are making progress forward in xat, it is time to talk about the main page and implement new options. xat Stories: Stories have been a success in other social networks or forums. This will generate a more constant relationship with users. xat News: This will make it easier for users to be informed of important ads such as the implementation of HTML5 or news from xat Wiki. xat Last: It will be displayed which were the last chat created and registered users. Currently the main page has a lot of space that could be used if decided, to do new thing
  23. Participate and win the new power: 


    1. Magic


      Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.:'(

  24. A creepy hairy hand that appears beneath the earth moving. The hairy hand is a Mexican legend, it appears in the movie '' The Crazy Adams '' Before making a suggestion make sure that it does not currently exist: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Halloween
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