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  1. Not agreed. In case xat implemented this suggestion we can be 98% sure that users would start abusing it and direct purchases from the store would be affected, the website revenue would be in jeopardy (decline). Perhaps we could think of something else that would motivate users to register on the website, such as more non-commercial powers in addition to tickle and other free functions (some users think that some powers for example Main/Noaudies should be a free function of the site). Click here to see the current benefits of being registered in xat!
  2. Oi asadelta48! Certifique-se de que o idioma da sua sala de chat é o Português, também certifique-se de não ter a opção ''Não incluir este chat em nenhuma lista ou gráfico'' ativada.
  3. What image provider did you use, what is the size (weight) of the GIF image?
  4. This sounds nice, but unfortunately we have to stick to the base design we have and sometimes it is usually a bit limited to add this kind of thing. I remember seeing something similar to this on instagram, apparently it helps you prevent users from scams or phishing on your platform. I would like to see this in the near future!
  5. A user was using the power Xavi and got an error similar to this: https://prnt.sc/uwv7nr I'm not sure if it's the same error.
  6. Bearscare has a very common error, it blinks and is not stable.
  7. Maybe it is a reminder of xat that we should love and take care of ourselves during Halloween.
  8. ID: 608 NAME: CARE STATUS: Limited PRICE: 222 xats CATEGORY: User Power WIKI PAGE: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Care SMILIES (8): (care), (hearthands), (bearscare), (catscare), (hugcare), (koalacare), (lovecare), (sharelove) PAWNS (5): (hat#hL), (hat#hb), (hat#hc), (hat#hk), (hat#hl) Enjoy!
  9. If I'm not mistaken developers are aware of this and the bug will soon be fixed in the next update. The priority of this bug should be normal.
  10. Abrahan

    How can I?

    I recommend that you change your account password on this page: https://xat.com/login#!lost An email will be sent with a link to change the password. When changing it, do not use special characters, we recommend using only letters and numbers. Finally close all xat windows and try to login https://xat.com/login Just click on the ''Play'' button, if after a minute the music does not play it is not compatible with mobile devices. Good luck!
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