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  1. Happy birthday Stif! Te quiero amigo, pásala bien:$ .

    1. Stif


      Thank you Abe! Te quiero tambien y te deseo lo mismo. :$ 

  2. The new version 4.4 of the official Aiuto blog is now available, try it now xat-aiuto.com!


    Join the Italian community on the official xat forum to see what this update brings:


  3. Today I will be all day at xat.com/Feedback taking suggestions and comments about xat!



    1. DjCrazy


      I will be there too (blowkiss)

  4. What power does the smiley of an airplane have?

    1. Vevrok


      it's a free smiley: (airplane#)

    2. Abrahan


      That smiley was useless for what I was doing, but thanks anyway! I use the smiley (tplane)

    3. Mao


      it's a free smiley

  5. Happy birthday to my fav!  Best wishes to you, I hope you have an amazing day🏍💙

  6. Happy birthday David! 

    1. David


      Thank you!!

  7. Do you have your hat ready to celebrate the new year at xat? S_(p1pwn*00c000*hat1*w0i0ip)_40

    1. iDan


      no have day xd

  8. Happy New Year! :$

    1. DUYGU


      Happy New Year Abrahan    (hug)  

  9. OMG! Check out xat's Facebook / Instagram 🎁

  10. Here I am, here I will be💙😕.

    1. Pika


      iloveyou babe ❤❤❤

  11. Feliz cumpleaños we, tenemos que llevarte al asilo :$.

  12. Hey! Remember that if you have a suggestion that you would like the Contributors group to discuss, you can send a private message to any member of the group.


    If you would like the suggestion to be sent directly to the Administrator, you must first make the suggestion to the staff of xat.com/Feedback where they will be in charge of perfecting it and if it really involves the input of admins it will be sent by email (you will always have the idea credit). 


    Let's improve our community together! 8-)

  13. Thoughts? 


    1. Lemona


      How I feel about 2020

    2. xLaming


      It's me, Mario!

  14. 🔥

    1. DjDanny24


      hi  my bro how are  you?

    2. Abrahan


      Buna Danny, I'm very well and you?

    3. DjDanny24


      i'm fine  thank  you

  15. As your birthday present I was thinking of a trip around the world.  Could you take care of walking my dog while I'm away?  Happy Birthday Syd! :$

  16. I'll be your galaxy. . 🎧

    1. Lemona


      I'm about to FLYYyy W3A1u1t.png...  PU2utPp.png on eraP1eT.png!!!

  17. Buon compleanno, grazie per tanto supporto e per una bellissima amicizia! 🧡

  18. The new version V4.3 of the Aiuto blog is available! Try it now https://xat-aiuto.com/ :o 


    • New flat design.
    • Color adjustment.
    • More ordered menu.
    • New resources (all xat logos are available).
    • The English, Romanian and Spanish language is now available.


    If you find any error or bug contact me, enjoy!



    1. Vevrok


      A W E S O M E BLOG

  19. The new web design for xat-aiuto.com is coming soon! 8-)

  20. The contest is ending in xat HTML5! Do you have the xat Wiki or Google ready?

    1. Math


      I have nothing what do I do?

  21. The GameBot is ready and waiting for you at xat Game! Do you already have your celebration hat? :o

    1. HelperNate


      Wait, GameBot works again?

    2. Abrahan


      It works in Game, but not in Aiuto. :( 

    3. HelperNate


      I just tested it, and it still has the same problem I brought up on the forum. You must have been lucky that nobody else was commanding it.

  22. Waiting for you at xat Aiuto! We will start in a few minutes.


  23. Happy xat Anniversary! Visit the official chats and keep up to date with the games below, also participate in the xat social networks and have the opportunity to win incredible prizes. :o 


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