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  4. Hi @Abrahan have a nice day!

    1. Abrahan


      Hello my Italian friend, thank you very much for your beautiful wishes, I hope you also have a nice day! (goo)

  5. @Maxo The Romanian language is somewhat complicated to understand (like Turkish, Arabic, Chinese) and the translator of xat or google is never accurate. The fact that each speaking community has a Help chat that represents them and can help them solve a problem more clearly is important. As mentioned by @Angelo, the Romanian community is strong and has many consumers, I think the chat never had to be closed just because of inactivity. I congratulate the efforts made by each of the Ajutor staff, the Romanian community and the Contributors for making this come back.
  6. Por favor mucho cuidado con esto mensajes en su correo: https://prnt.sc/qmpc9f

  7. Hello @Math. Flirt has never had a main owner, the goal of the chat is for everyone to be free to express themselves without any moderation so no staff is needed. With respect to xat Ajutor, this topic is currently under discussion. The chat was considered inactive, however, there is still a large part of the Romanian community in xat and lately most have had problems. Although the chat is redirected to Assistance, users frequent xat Help.
  8. Happy birthday dear, David S_(coy)_40S_(ihu)_40!

    1. David


      Thank you Abrahan (coy) 

  9. You really are a treasure, thank you! (hug)

    1. Abrahan


      Thanks to you my dear friend (hug)

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