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  1. Hey! Remember that if you have a suggestion that you would like the Contributors group to discuss, you can send a private message to any member of the group.


    If you would like the suggestion to be sent directly to the Administrator, you must first make the suggestion to the staff of xat.com/Feedback where they will be in charge of perfecting it and if it really involves the input of admins it will be sent by email (you will always have the idea credit). 


    Let's improve our community together! 8-)

  2. Thoughts? 


    1. Lemona


      How I feel about 2020

    2. xLaming


      It's me, Mario!

  3. The YouTube pop-up does not open, If you open the YouTube application manually the video does not play either, try different links to make sure it is not the video itself. Thanks to demicuorewj (737102797) for reporting this bug in my private.
  4. I did not mention a color change at any time, a color change should apply to the entire application itself and not just to the colors in the groups list. The idea was to make it rounded where the image, name and description of the group appear, leaving a small space with the edges of the screen (instead of it being completely square and occupying the entire screen). I hope soon a topic will be made to discuss a makeover/colors within the xat app!
  5. 🔥

    1. DjDanny24


      hi  my bro how are  you?

    2. Abrahan


      Buna Danny, I'm very well and you?

    3. DjDanny24


      i'm fine  thank  you

  6. Options: Add an option to swipe to the right to show the following options (something similar to Whatsapp) - Favorites - Share this chat - Report this chat - Remove / delete this chat (swipe left) Online users: Shows the number of connected users, also a visualization of the image of a maximum of 3 connected users. Icons (favorites-promoted): Once the options have been added, the icons as favorites could be reduced to give a better appearance (an icon could also be added for promoted chats) Design: The bar that shows
  7. Not for everyone, apparently this error occurs with only some countries. In the case of Brazil / Venezuela PaySafe Card option exists but it directs you to Skrill.
  8. As your birthday present I was thinking of a trip around the world.  Could you take care of walking my dog while I'm away?  Happy Birthday Syd! :$

  9. The saturn / uranus smilies from the power planets would have to be automatically trimmed to fit the circular size (you can see it in the HTML5 chat in the example).
  10. Congratulations @Eliff, do a good job!
  11. Could you add more details/steps of what you do before this error occurs?
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