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  1. Abrahan

    several pages

    It is certainly something useful, many chats nowadays have other chats under them and it is annoying to have to deactivate the automatic connection just for that. We could save the link as a Favorite to avoid having to enter the chat and then change the tab. Nice to see you suggest this, thanks Toby!
  2. Abrahan


    ”Uhuh” is a default xat smilie. You do not need subscription or powers to use it, but however it doesn't work when you try use it. Thanks to OfCourseItsMe (462542465) for advising.
  3. Hey, I suggest you open directly a ticket at xat.com/ticket and select the department ''Report Scam''. Please be sure to be as explicit and thorough as possible, including all screenshots and videos that you may have. If you already opened a ticket please wait patiently for a response, a volunteer will respond soon.
  4. I'm ready! The bot has read my fortune and it seems that I will win something today.
  5. The Valentine's surprise was nice, thank you so much for doing this at xat5 girls!
  6. Abrahan


    Hi, I'm really not sure how the process of accepting an application to become a Translator works. To send the request, users are asked to make a translation in order to evaluate their knowledge of the language, some of the reasons for refusal are the following: Applicants should not use a translator to complete their application. The translation sent must be correctly written in the selected language, if it has errors it will not be accepted. Preferably the translators must be native speakers of the language or at least have a very advanced knowledge.
  7. Abrahan

    E 29

    Please avoid sharing a screenshot of the xat Ticket Support where it may contain personal information and information about your account. It seems to be a problem with the Ticket System, so only a Volunteer will be able to provide you with a possible solution correctly.
  8. I like this idea, I think that it happens to many of us that we are connected in the early morning hours (beginning in the morning in some countries) when there is not much activity in the chats and we decide to be online after 15 minutes we are automatically disconnects - It would be amazing if the Main Owners of the groups could extend the Automatic Disconnection (AFK) time. Thanks to you for contributing this suggestion to xat!
  9. Perhaps some users would develop a slightly negative outlook on xat if they charged for allowing users to receive notifications, I don't think this basic feature should be a power. I have the same thoughts.
  10. Is it a cyclops? No! The mystery continues. .
  11. I'll be there! I hope I can get rich this month.
  12. The celebration is over. I am really happy and proud of what we did today, I got a lot of help from the Aiuto staff to carry out the contest and I also saw many surprise visits from people that I did not expect to see there for the celebration. Some of the invited Volunteers took the time to be there to say ''happy anniversary Aiuto!'' and I also saw some Contributors visiting the chat, I think this is what makes the difference, interacting with users and having fun together to get to know each other better. I don't know about you but I really had a good time. We had ma
  13. I just want to remind you that the contest is tomorrow! You can keep an eye on the countdown or activate the notification of the counter that is published in the xat Instagram / Facebook story, so you can arrive on time.
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