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  1. Abrahan


    Solo debe de color el nombre de USUARIO o la ID, no ambos.
  2. Abrahan


    ¡Hola! Suponiendo que es su chat usted deberá poseer el rango de Main Owner por lo cual debería de tener la opción de bannear a un usuario esté conectado o no en su sala de chat. Por favor asegurate de tener ese rango, en caso de no tenerlo le dejare 2 guías a continuación: ¿Como me hago Main Owner en mi chat? Dirigete a la pagina https://xat.com/chats#!editgroup Coloca los datos de acceso NOMBRE DEL GRUPO + CONTRASEÑA En la página de personalización de su chat haga clic en ''Main Owner'' Para agregarte como Main Owner, pon tu ID o nombre de usua
  3. Buon compleanno, grazie per tanto supporto e per una bellissima amicizia! 🧡

  4. The new version V4.3 of the Aiuto blog is available! Try it now https://xat-aiuto.com/ :o 


    • New flat design.
    • Color adjustment.
    • More ordered menu.
    • New resources (all xat logos are available).
    • The English, Romanian and Spanish language is now available.


    If you find any error or bug contact me, enjoy!



    1. Vevrok


      A W E S O M E BLOG

  5. What browser are you using? Do you have an extension activated?
  6. The new web design for xat-aiuto.com is coming soon! 8-)

  7. Hello! If you are held for a maximum of 7 days, you should wait out the hold. Normally when trying to trade or transfer you get a message that your account is Held and the days you have to wait. If you're experiencing a repeated cycle, you will need a ticket. "Account hold" is the help topic that should be selected when opening a ticket. Please note that the temporary hold after an account is unlocked cannot be removed. If you're held for more than 7 days, or if you're experiencing System Problem (25) or (55), you will need a ticket. "Account block" is the help topic th
  8. The quick contest is over, I hope everyone had fun celebrating this special day for xat! A special thanks to: Chats Managers: @Bau HTML5 / @Goku Game Helpers: @Blacky / @Lemona / @Luana The random winner is: @srbi9o https://i.imgur.com/byiC1j1.gif
  9. Forget to add GTM + 2 in HTML5, this is happening now. Sorry !
  10. The contest is ending in xat HTML5! Do you have the xat Wiki or Google ready?

    1. Math


      I have nothing what do I do?

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