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  1. Its a very good implementation for the new version of xat, and will be more safety to users who purchase everypower and allpowers... 


    Its time to make a good performance in the trade application and do the best for the ''New users'' and ''Old users'' to make his/her comfort better and their trust in our system of trade will be more effective

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  2. 9 minutes ago, noia said:

    hola me gustaria saber porque ROMAIMSERE esta baneado en xatradio donde me derijo porfavor

    Hola !


    Puedes ir a Club < en la parte inferior y buscar el club de xatRadio y preguntar ahi a los Administradores !

  3. 10 hours ago, Sooweird1905 said:

    Hi guys's i'm not sure if this title is right but i have to write it somewhere,sorry if wrong 2days ago i told volunter's that mod's were abusing in sohbet after that sevda got upset and keep trying to provoke me typing to me when i did type back i got banned kaul for, threating (main) which i didnt do you can look logs with turkish translate, they  get angry  when someone  tells them to volunters or in forum then they seek a reason to ban you for no reasson now i got banned 150 hours for personal issues for NO reason ! please help anyone Sevda  did many abuses like  she show her self good person but she showed someonones picture to other people whitout permission this is arule break too imo, There is no justice in sohbet they always cover their back and they  get angry when you tell  to anyone besides them cuz they are affraid of you take actions please.

    If u have proof of this actions, please post them here ! 


    Why you need proof, to support this post!

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