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  1. HUSE1N


    HUSE1N (1521173985)
  2. Guys Only limited powers plz !
  3. HUSE1N

    ANGRIER power

    Its Amazing!!!!!, Good Job @NoSense i hope that this powers will be change the ethics of new Age of powers, For Flame2 will be good if xat applay something like (wofire#) Effects that be epic for this flame, anyway Good Job... Congratulations!!!
  4. HUSE1N

    Juice power

    i like this idea :D, good job... We need powers like this without a yellow smilie
  5. i think its not a good idea, we need a powers that we will make an original from xat.com, this idea is from a glitters and others.. Its not a Good Suggestion Read this article and after u can make a very good Suggestion, if u want u can go to FeedBack Chat, look for any staff and ask him for help on your suggestion!
  6. HUSE1N

    570 KING

    i'm talking about it ! its good Christmas hat for this powers and others as well.. Most of people are in Christmas time! its a bad idea because christmas time is always, each year we celebrate it! this powers is cute. In another case i'm edited because i put more powers and u not understand , but i talk about Christmas Stuff
  7. HUSE1N

    570 KING

    For this topic i think is a bad idea, we have a very good stuff of Christmas that most of the users love, if we delete them we can not only lose this traditions, we lose people too. Most of people wait to a Christmas time to make Smilies with their powers, Christmas stuff have been the most of important powers that most of people use to make a very good smilies. We need this stuff for this time, i know christmas its a little months, but this time was the best for most of people who celebrate it!
  8. HUSE1N

    pc status

    @theFlower u can go to FeedBack Chat, and explain exactly what you mean about this suggestion a then u obtain a little help to explain it here in a post again. You can contact any staff of suggestion an they will help you to make a very good suggestion!
  9. HUSE1N


    Good idea, this really will be a different power from a yelow's smilies hehe.. Good Job !
  10. HUSE1N


    i think u need to keep calm, Firstly. most of the people that is already a xat Users its because they love this method of work.. Secondly we have a power that is called Category < This power is for Users that like put a category friends in their List of Friends. Thirdly if u have this information, xat works in html5 to make better than now xat.com < they will make this idea in a future, right now its difficult to think about it. If u make a suggest, u need to know that this suggestion is study by the Admin/Volunteers and if they want to apply anything related with this topic, they will return to this post and read again your suggestion. Have a nice day! Remember not all of suggestion is made Right now, They will be study by the admin/Volunteers and others staff..
  11. HUSE1N


    i Support @Abrahan , if we make this trade/cambio doesnt work more as a safe trade, i think we have more than one thing that we need to apply to make xat better than now
  12. @theFlower you need to read this article about before u make suggest please, because this post it doesnt explain correctly what do you want to show for others users !
  13. HUSE1N

    pc status

    i think that u need to read about @theFlower Because this suggestion its not explained in correctly form
  14. HUSE1N

    SUPERFX power

    i think i read all suggestion u made and i read a this like a future suggestion Sounds good for future, and will be adding a smiles for this like others superpowers
  15. HUSE1N


    Good Job bro, this with the last suggestion will be good for the next powers to do
  16. HUSE1N (1521173985)
  17. Thanks for notification this, Good Job !
  18. Happy Birthday Bro !

  19. The effects of this powers will be have a very good Combination with others, we need more smiles that gives the power to be a favorite one that who loves the Electricity, Good job guys! this is a different power that xats need! Also we can add a smilie like this EnergyFx
  20. Nice powers for this month, Good Job Guys !
  21. HUSE1N

    SATANIC power

    Wow, i like this idea, and this power can be a rare category, ur design is epic and i do not have anything to say for u, Only Good Job and i hope that this power will be an Exelent one
  22. i recive the prize ! thanks bro
  23. HUSE1N

    app style

    This is the version applied for Mobile applications, if u do not like it, u can made a suggestion from a version that u have and the Volunteers and Admin can study your suggestion!
  24. HUSE1N

    app style

    Volunteers/Contributors and others staff, they will worked in it for made the app better than now, just we need more patience and keep calm, if u have any bug u can post this and they will help u
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