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    where are the volunteers and why are they not active as in the beginning of the xat ?

    1. HUSE1N


      i know that but must of people that send a ticket not have the answer that will make happy that user..


      For example one friend make a ticket that want to change from her register to another one, but she has a reserved, so they make some questions as well and not make anything to change it.. but i'm sure that volunteers are human and they have work. However i think if we want to make (xat) better than now we need to invest time to make it the best Social media!


      I love xat, but they have somethings that we need to correct, when we correct and improvements begin to be seen, we earn the trust on people and we gain people again. However in the past, xat.com < lost people every year in a porcentage that its impossible to believe. 


      In another hand, i'm worried for this situation and i think that we can change this situation if we invest more time for xat to do better than now and earn the trust on people.

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