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  1. Its a good idea, i like it and i hope will see next power like this, very good for crow and the user who think about this
  2. HUSE1N

    564 - Nin

    Its a good and cute power, good job guys well be a nice power, and their stickers well be beatiful
  3. Congratulations Sergio !
  4. Hi Joselizarazo, it is not a good idea in my opinion because have a irregular view, why i say its not good idea? because most of the xats its conformed by childrens or guys with not the age to create one power like this. We already have Valentine, (hug2) < have a smile similarity but with hug, sorry if my opinion its not according with your idea.
  5. HUSE1N


    Very nice hats, good idea
  6. HUSE1N

    power (fire)

    It's not bad your suggestion, but we already have a power (firefx) that contains mostly all symbols of fire i think, u can be specific and give a examples to support ur suggestion and demonstrate the user what u talking about. Good Luck
  7. HUSE1N


    Yo have a very good ideas for this powers, have a nice name, but for hats we already have one made for halloween, you can be creative more than u have done. Good Luck.
  8. HUSE1N

    New HTML5 Trade app

    Woww this new trade looks soo funny, good job for the volunteers and anyone who's work in it, thanks guys
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