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  1. If u have proof of this actions, please post them here ! Why you need proof, to support this post!
  2. For this power its difficult to realese why? we have this pawn for a ignored people, and this pawn was suggest more than 3 times.. last time @LaFleur told about a new pawn if it will be realesed we have a Yellow pawn no an Carbon or Silver pawn because alreasdy exist !
  3. HUSE1N

    4 free bg's

    How i can download this templates
  4. the first one design This design the link of the inner one its the same of the outer bg!
  5. The link of inner download its the same of outer bg!
  6. @Mafia1 the first link of download for the inner its wrong, when i download the inner its the outer one that i download again
  7. I Agree with Abrahan
  8. Sounds´s Good idea my friend, i really happy to have the oportunity to see your inspiration.. its a good design!!
  9. Prize Received !! thanks
  11. Esto si que es una buena noticia, La verdad te lo merecias Felicidades!!! a la mejor de todas, un gran esfuerzo con un resultado bien dado, TE FELICITOOO!!! muy contento de tenerte como volunteers! Necesitabamos a alguien como tu en el STAFF DE xat!! 


    i'm very proud of you !!! Espero que sigas alcanzando tus metas siempre!!! 





    1. Solange


      Muchísimas gracias, Hus! (cute)

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