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  1. Spoke to a specific user and only happens with Firefox. Is there any issues with Firefox and xat. I personally use Chrome, have used edge and explorer in the past to test, but not tested Firefox
  2. Another techie question. On my xat chat room, many are getting in and staying in, but for a few, they get in start to type hit enter and automatically get logged out! I have tried 3 different laptops, upgraded to a newer computer system and I can get in without any problem. One person can get in with their laptop, but not their home computer. I am thinking maybe a browser extension may be the cause?? Not sure, but they got in a while ago without a problem, but must have been a few months ago and we are trying to relaunch our radio chat room. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  3. Can anyone tell me how to regain ownership, Gold status after getting a new computer system please?
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