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  1. Very good idea that there are unique games in xat.com/game and they are played only in that xat site . You could invent new games that are not on the xat list to enter something unique should be for users of all xat to see. The idea that Valestein raises is very good!
  2. Here I leave my fund, luck to all! iiArieL (1111101581)
  3. Good idea but green hair hehe but it could work it's funny
  4. I like them they are very good They are cute at the same time funny It can work in xat of that there is no look good
  5. I like that suggestion. There is no Gazelle power Very good observation I like the drawings presented, they look very cute and real I support your proposal I hope they can make them come true xat would be very nice with those GAZELLE power I hope your request is approved Thank you very much for contributing an idea to xat !!!
  6. Have a beautiful birthday Pia !!!

    1. Pia


      Merci n.n

  7. Have a beautiful birthday Elya !!! (hi)

    1. elya


      Ariel, thank you! (hi)

  8. Feliz Cumple !!! Que tengas un hermoso cumpleaños !!!! spacer.png

    1. Cherry


      (hippo)Gracias @iiArieL sabes que te quiero muchisimo

      Y al que eres un loco eres un buen   A M I G O !!!

  9. That power looks cute !! He also has many hats . Good choice xLaming
  10. Shionob : It was already replaced in xat thank you very much for contacting me
  11. > SOLD < > VENDIDA < Hola a todos. Hello everyone. ¡ID nueva en venta! New ID for sale! ID 8 digits: 88881111 Price : SOLD Hazme tu oferta privada en forum o en Loja Make me your private offer in forum in Loja RegLink: Disponible / Available RegLink: Disponible/ Available Contáctame en xat Loja, o agrégame y envíame un chat privado. Contact me on xat Loja, or add me /f1111101581 and send me a private chat. Contacteme : iiArieL (1111101581) Contact me: iiArieL (1111101581) https://xat.com/loja Gracias. Thanks.
  12. Very good idea . There are many things for people to do and they don't recognize them as an officer because they are not friends with of volunteers or contributors . The proposal that iso Vevrok is very good
  13. Happy birthday VaLstein !!! Have a great time in your day!!!! :)

    1. DUYGU


      Happy birthday Ariel  (hug) 

    2. iiArieL



      Thanks a lot (hug)

    3. VaLsteiN
  14. Thank you very much for the @HelperNate @Bau contest. I already received my prize. Until the next contest !!! I will continue participating.
  15. Hi, I leave my background. iiAriel (406636497) Box https://i.imgur.com/TG6adrc.png Behind https://i.imgur.com/vggxYfD.jpg Good luck to everyone !!
  16. iiAriel (406636497) https://i.imgur.com/zp6xc0H.jpg
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