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  1. Here I leave my fund, luck to all! iiArieL (1111101581)
  2. Good idea but green hair hehe but it could work it's funny
  3. I like them they are very good They are cute at the same time funny It can work in xat of that there is no look good
  4. I like that suggestion. There is no Gazelle power Very good observation I like the drawings presented, they look very cute and real I support your proposal I hope they can make them come true xat would be very nice with those GAZELLE power I hope your request is approved Thank you very much for contributing an idea to xat !!!
  5. Have a beautiful birthday Pia !!!

    1. Pia


      Merci n.n

  6. Have a beautiful birthday Elya !!! (hi)

    1. elya


      Ariel, thank you! (hi)

  7. Feliz Cumple !!! Que tengas un hermoso cumpleaños !!!! spacer.png

    1. CH3RRY


      (hippo)Gracias @iiArieL sabes que te quiero muchisimo

      Y al que eres un loco eres un buen   A M I G O !!!

  8. That power looks cute !! He also has many hats . Good choice xLaming
  9. Shionob : It was already replaced in xat thank you very much for contacting me
  10. > SOLD < > VENDIDA < Hola a todos. Hello everyone. ¡ID nueva en venta! New ID for sale! ID 8 digits: 88881111 Price : SOLD Hazme tu oferta privada en forum o en Loja Make me your private offer in forum in Loja RegLink: Disponible / Available RegLink: Disponible/ Available Contáctame en xat Loja, o agrégame y envíame un chat privado. Contact me on xat Loja, or add me /f1111101581 and send me a private chat. Contacteme : iiArieL (1111101581) Contact me: iiArieL (1111101
  11. Very good idea . There are many things for people to do and they don't recognize them as an officer because they are not friends with of volunteers or contributors . The proposal that iso Vevrok is very good
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