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  1. http://i.prntscr.com/GZrBnEIFRYyD5tj4x1Vmzg.png --151
  2. 143- http://i.prntscr.com/Rvv3EZP6R_ujJnTOii7fvg.png
  3. Under the sea 🌞 background here bikini here animation & elements here by https: //giphy.com the elements in to the gif do not contain a link, they are found inside on the same page of giphy.
  4. hello everyone, thanks for the contest here is my entry inner: outer: button color: #fff6c0 preview https://imgur.com/w4groQg Credits: Smilies from mundosmilies, and link vector here Reg/ID: KARY (137919842)
  5. hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream and chessecake
  6. I am the balance between good & bad libraβ™₯
  7. think positive! life is short to waste it on nonsense ...
  8. KARY


    KARY (137919842)
  9. you are the person with whom i could spend 24 hours 7 days without getting bored , i love being with you & sharing everything! even a card on the forum: $ hahahahah muacksssss babe my all! i know that the limit is at post only 4 times...so then i will send it to you again cause you are my best friend, my bdyy, my accomplice & the one who makes me angry & happy all those in one $β™₯ always mechuditoOOO @RobFerrari
  10. I liked the event! very creative. thanks for the prizes
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