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  1. Congratulations @iSanty and @Andres You are very good designers and you will do great things for xat. 😊
  2. It is a pity that these designs are copyrighted. It would be great to have one power with these designs. Hopefully one day it will be free.😊 Congratulations @NoSense your designs are great.
  3. It could be a power that works independently. Only the user who owns the power will be able to see their history, no one else will be able to access that private history.
  4. I think it would be a good idea to add a function or maybe a power to be able to view the old transfers. I think the same, this is a really good idea.
  5. I personally think the designer himself must charge the price he considers appropriate then if the user agrees with it, it's okay. Nobody is gonna force anyone to pay the price of the graphics. There are designers who work for 500 xats as Laming said, you could get a pic from google with letters on top.
  6. Felicidades bro, espero que cumplas muchos mÑs y tus deseos se hagan realidad. 😊

    1. Sergio


      Muchas gracias Kevin!Β (hug)

  7. Kevin

    Badboy Power

    I really really like this power. You are a great designer and your creations will be rewarded for sure. 😊 Santiago José
  8. Kevin

    Account held

    If your account is blocked it is for a security reason and being blocked does not limit you completely. However you will need to open a ticket under the "Account Block" help topic to have this resolved. (Remember to put at least 5 words in the subject of the ticket.) https://util.xat.com/support/index.php You do not need to be a paid user to open a ticket in that section.
  9. Kevin

    WIN 1500 XATS

    The winners are: 1ΒΊ: Norman - Btween2Lungs (1534734674) @Norman 1000 Xats. 2ΒΊ: 𝑡𝒆𝒏𝒐 - NenoMihajLovic (1482747648) @Nenomihajlovic 500 Xats. Congratulations to the winners. To claim your prize. They will have to contact Kevin at xat.com/Noticias The third winner in the gif is a consolation prize. has won the power organicwaste. 3ΒΊ: Kchetitos - simpLyjanney (1529087823).
  10. I think it is a very good idea. Sometimes someone sells id in loja but for example in Cambio it is not allowed. Also sometimes want a status to appear in one chat and another status in another chat, because you may be busy doing something important in that chat. @David It would be a very good idea to call it StatusPlus.
  11. Kevin

    WIN 1500 XATS

    The contest has been postponed for 2 more days. The contest will end on May 12. 14:00pm Spanish time (CEST). There are still places to sign up. Go to xat.com/Noticias and do it.
  12. Congratulations amiwito <3 β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•

  13. Kevin

    WIN 1500 XATS

    IMPORTANT As many of you know when a limited power is released at Noticias xat, we raffle it . This wouldn't be an exception but we got two prizes now. ( 1st = 1000 xats, and 2nd = 500 xats ) You just have to go to xat.com/Noticias and pc any staff to join the contest. Contest rules: Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The winner must contact the main owner of xat Noticias to obtain the prize. Any response that causes drama or does not follow the rules will be reported immediately. The winner will be chosen at random with a generator. The contest will end on May 10. 14:00pm Spanish time (CEST).
  14. Kevin

    WIN 1K Xats

    Results: The first winner is: Larry353551 (219421241) @LarryJ With around 110h connected in Noticias. ---> 1k Xats. And the consolation prize for second place is: iiMojojojo (1531497660) @Yago With around 105h connected in Noticias. ---> Linefx. Please the winners will need to go to xat.com/Noticias to claim their prize and contact Kevin.
  15. Kevin


    Kevin (1534069013)
  16. Kevin

    WIN 1K Xats

    This contest will be a little different. In order to win 1000 xats. You will have to be the most active user as long as possible at xat.com/Noticias . I will use !mostactive command and the user who has been the most active one, will win the xats. IMPORTANT. Rules: You will have to be a registered user. Any cheating attempt will be removed immediately. Reply to this post with: I participate (name + ID). Example: I participate Kevin (1534069013). Deadline: Friday 1th, May.
  17. Happy birthday bro ☺️😁

    1. Maverick


      Thank you!!Β 

  18. 02. 347322aa β€” xat5 β€” https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/1ed14a0d.png 03. 921241d8 - xat1 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/3b751920.png 04. 455c5928 β€” xat5 β€” https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/453b2183.png 05. d76422ca - xat4 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/56ad2613.png 07. 228c6a12 β€” xat5 β€”https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/62a92313.png 08. 69459879 β€” xat noticias β€” https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/6d42b5d3.png 09. 119fee77 - xat4 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/75f637c9.png 11. 26e8df4d - xat1 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/7d804db3.png 13. 1d9ce0bc - xat1 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/85dfe751.png 16. 138123d5 - xat1 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/90fdb65f.png 18- 044b2607 - xat noticias β€” https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/96029bfa.png 19. 9e9f0b17 - xat1 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/a9580c58.png 20 6a9aad79 β€” xat5 β€” https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/a9b88fc0.png 21. 05d8e05e - xat4 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/aa5a1e44.png 22. a7ef72e4 - xat4 -- https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/c0b78a7b.png 23- 066bf91e β€” xat5 - https://easterhunt.s3.amazonaws.com/Find+eggs/d3fc15fb.png
  19. xat2: 00e65576 xat cambio: 1ed14a0d xat5: 3b751920 xat noticias: 453b2183 xat ayuda: 56ad2613 xat ajuda: 62a92313 xat noticias: 6ce8793b xat5: 6d42b5d3 xat4: 75f637c9 xat1: 7c3087b1 xat loja: 7d804db3 xat trade: 8345a792 xat help: 85dfe751 xat5: 87c8bc0e xat chat: 8dda2950 xat2: 90fdb65f xat noticias: 95a76510 xat ajutor: 96029bfa xat1: a9580c58 xat5: a9b88fc0 xat cambio: aa5a1e44 xat loja: c0b78a7b xat cambio: d3fc15fb xat chat: d8e4a481 xat yardim: dae79be8
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