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    Eu sei que nunca haverá alguém como vc, vc é completamente perfeito🥰 

    te LOVE com todo meu coração❤️,sou sortuda por ter vc ao meu lado, meu tudinho 😍

    1. JasonOficial


      A sorte sorriu pra mim e me trouxe você.

      Te amo hoje muito mais que ontem.



    2. CH3RRY


      Tivemos dias bons e dias ruins, mas sempre estaremos na frente TE LOVE ❤️

    3. JasonOficial


      A vida é como uma roseira, tem flores mas também espinhos.

      O importante é que juntos sempre conseguimos superar tudo.  :$


    Se essa boca não beijasse tão bem, se esse abraço não fosse tão massa,

    se quer saber se quero outro alguém... Nem de graça 🎵Leva a mal não,

    só tem espaço pra você no Coração ❤️🎶





  3. H O L A un X A T  donde te sentirás a gusto solo necesitas ser tú mismo y conectarás enseguida con los demás USUARIOS ,La finalidad que tenemos es que pases un rato divertido. La diversión, las carcajadas y el buen rollo están asegurados.:pEntre hacer nuevos amigos  en este momento hay más de 40 usuarios conectados de todo el mundo.


    H O L A to an X A T where you will feel at ease you only need to be yourself and you will connect immediately with the other USERS ,The purpose that we have is to have a fun time. Fun, laughter and good vibes are assured.:p Between making new friends right now there are more than  40 connected users from all over the world .



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    2. werita
    3. Erick


      Siempre por encima de cualquier cosa, los usuarios, nosotros pues quienes le damos vida, diversión a xat.

      Y más si están en xat.com/hola !

    4. siglo


      aguante boca caretas  boca juniors GIF by Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor

  4. 🎮🎮🎮


    CoD spy.png Modern Warfare Shooting Tournaments mode, which was in beta mode in November, will return to the game,after correcting some errors the function should be ready, along with additional new rewards of which Infinity Ward does not reveal more details.




    CoD spy.png Modern Warfare is committed to a raw, stark and provocative narrative that presents unparalleled intensity and sheds light on the changing nature of modern warfare. For PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it gives us an epic reinvention from scratch of the iconic Modern Warfare series.

  5. 🎮🎮🎮🎮


    The 11th season of PUBG Mobile, called Operation Tomorrow, will have a cyberpunk theme,

    according to Tencent's advance revealed yesterday.


    Although the release date has not yet been announced,

    it should be given this week, after the end of season 10, on January 8.



  6. 🎮Battle Rally 🎮 Shenmue 3🎮




    Almost two months after its launch, Shenmue 3 prepares to receive what will be its first important DLC. Downloadable content called Battle Rally will be free for everyone who bought the game's season pass, called Complete DLC Collection. It will be available from next January 21 and, for the first time, will allow us to handle other characters besides Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of the saga.

  7. 🎮Death Stranding is now available for PS4🎮


    Days Gone is an action adventure about survivors and what makes them human: despair, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, repentance, love and hope. It is about how these people find a reason to live even when faced with these enormous tragedies. Hope never dies.


    Death Stranding, the new and expected videogame by Hideo Kojima, is now available on PS4 (coming to PC in summer 2020) and Days Gone, the exclusive PlayStation 4 in the form of post-apocalyptic action adventure from Bend Studio, has wanted to pay tribute to the Sam Bridges odyssey with the arrival of new cosmetic objects based on the title of Kojima Productions, among which we can find the characteristic baby capsule, ready to be attached to Deacon's motorcycle.



  8. At xat H O L A :p, chat with people of all ages and from all over the world without worrying about the language.

    Come in and start having fun!


    Note : We are total supporters of freedom of expression without disrespecting a user !!!(ok)


    X A T . C O M / H O L A


    En xat H O L A :p, chatea con personas de todas las edades y de todo el mundo sin preocuparse por el idioma.

    ¡Entra y comienza a divertirte!


    PD : Somos partidarios totales de la libertad de expresión sin faltar el respeto a ningún usuario !!!(ok)



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    2. wason


      Rock n'' roll(smirk)

    3. werita


      Excelente  sala :$

    4. xKathya


      Excellent room, good ambience friendship games, good dj is super ... good times and laughs unforgettable moments




  9. Special is who stays in the storm still knowing what it costs.




    LANUSSE (7000007)  CH3RRY (1000027)


  10. The million dollar question:

    ¿Will there be new power today(what)


    emoji think GIF

  11. December comes with lots of contests and fun for all users! ? In HOLA they have guaranteed fun for a fun Christmas in xat, the last month of the year where users will have the possibility of winning Xats Days and Powers, randomly, they only have to enter HOLA and participate in all the games. we wait for you!


    ¡Diciembre llega con muchos concursos  y diversión para todos los usuarios! ? En HOLA tienen diversión asegurada para unas divertidas Navidad en xat ,El último mes del año donde  los usuarios tendrán la posibilidad de ganar Xats Days y Powers , de forma aleatoria, sólo deben entrar a HOLA y  participar de todos los juegos.  ¡les esperamos!

    X A T . C O M / H O L A


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    2. MieLsithaa


      xat Hola El xat en donde podemos disfrutar de los juegos y de todos Ven Al mejor xat y pasa tus VACACIONES con nosotros somos

      una gran FAMILIA Espero que vengan....(hug) Lo pasaran muy bien! con NOSOTROS :p




    3. siglo


      voy a entrar aver si me gano algo xd

    4. Louis


      Estaba esperando este mes desde enero del 2020, ya se llegó, seguro que pasaremos buenos momentos en xat.com/hola  (hug)   (hug)


      santa claus christmas GIF

  12. Imitate us? Yes ... Many try! The difficult thing is to be like us and more when our chat room always has something new to offer every day to the users who visit us from all over the world 🤷 At https://xat.com/hola here you will find music, friends and much more . We are another level. Come do not miss it.


    ¿Imitarnos? Sí ... ¡Muchos lo intentan! Lo difícil es ser como nosotros y más cuando nuestra sala de chat siempre tiene algo nuevo que ofrecer cada día a los usuarios que nos visitan de todo el mundo 🤷 En https://xat.com/hola aquí encontrarás música, amigos y mucho más. Somos otro nivel. Ven no te lo pierdas.



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    2. MieLsithaa


      Excellent family very well done.

      I was not there sharing but one of my dreams came true and it was to finish university

      but I am here to share my people(hug)(hi)





      Bom Dia Hello GIF

    3. Louis
    4. siglo
  13. Chat, meet people from anywhere in the world, have fun with us - be part of HOLA! ... where you will feel comfortable, you only need to be yourself and you will immediately connect with the other USERS. The purpose we have is for you to have a fun time. We will love having you with us!



    Chatea, conoce gente de cualquier parte del mundo, diviértete con nosotros, ¡sé parte de HOLA! ... donde te sentirás cómodo, solo necesitas ser tú mismo e inmediatamente te conectarás con los demás USUARIOS. El propósito que tenemos es que te diviertas. ¡Nos encantará tenerte con nosotros!


    Converse, conheça pessoas de qualquer lugar do mundo, divirta-se conosco - faça parte da HOLA! ... onde você se sentir confortável, você só precisa ser você mesmo e se conectar imediatamente com os outros USUÁRIOS. O objetivo que temos é para você se divertir. Vamos adorar ter você conosco!




  14. Come join us this Saturday ... Join our chat room X A T. C O M / H O L A 👈 Chat with girls and boys around the world. Our HOLA chat room is ideal for learning and practicing languages. In Times of COVID Please, for the good of all, do not meet in person, use chat, messages and interactions, and get distracted.(smirk)


    Have fun Play and WIN XATS, DAYS AND POWERS in HOLA


    Ven y acompañanos este Sábado ... Únete a nuestra sala de  chat  X A T . C O M / H O L A 👈 Chatea con chicas y chicos de todas partes del mundo. Nuestra sala de Chat HOLA es ideal para aprender  y practicar idiomas .En tiempos de COVID Por favor, por el bien de todos no quedes en persona, utiliza el chat, los mensajes y las interacciones , y distráete.(smirk)


    Diviértete Juega y GANA XATS, DÍAS Y POWERS en HOLA


  15. Goodbye, 2019



    This year brought me incredible people, joys, changes, learning, but it also brings people, moments, laughs and tears. Today I leave all that behind, I change the book. Blank pages to fill with stories that I will live, more laughs, more screams, more people. Moments that will be memories. I wish everyone can find what they have been waiting for or looking for for so long. They write many pages that they later like to read and remember. May they find peace and happiness. That they focus on the good and overlook the bad, do not make that mistake of living being negative. Live, feel, enjoy And be happy and remember that life is this. Enjoy it

  16. Have fun chatting on H O L A "Win Xats and Days playing with the bot" while chatting and making friends from all over the world. At H O L A the fun never ends.:p

    X A T . C O M / H O L A

    Diviértete charlando en H O L A  "Ganar Xats y Days Jugando con el bot " mientras chateas y haces amigos de todo el mundo.  En H O L A la diversión nunca termina.:p



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    2. Pink


      I didn't win but I had fun. :p

    3. xKathya


      we have fun, we get ready to lose, always coming out winners  :$

    4. werita
  17. It’s 31st of October in my country, Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it. 🎃

    Happy Halloween pumpkins!! 🎃



  18. The Crew 2, will be available for free from today December 5, until December 8, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

    Players will have access to the full game - including the most recent update, Blazing Shots, which is accompanied by a new category, Underglows and PvE competitions and live Summit events in which players must reach the top of the standings to win Exclusive rewards based on your ranking. Players can experience Blazing Shots, in addition to hundreds of other previous update challenges and the freedom to explore the redesigned U.S. territory on land, water and air, behind the wheel of their dream vehicles in a four-player cooperative or in a manner individual.




    Go beyond the limits and enjoy new experiences in iconic places. The world of The Crew 2 is driven by the need to share your personal achievements and unique moments with friends and other people ...

  19. The test mode is retrieved in COD Modern Warfare.
    This modality was available at launch, but Activision decided to eliminate it a short time later.




    Dance modes in COD Modern Warfare. Evidence disappeared from the title without a trace, something that also happened with the Realistic Mode a few weeks ago (it is back). However, the latest update published by Infinity Ward and Activision recovers the aforementioned Test Mode, which is already accessible from the same selection menu. Before you can enter you will need to have tickets, which are achieved when you level up. Once you have them on hand you will have the opportunity to enjoy various time trial events, in which you must kill all the enemies in the shortest possible time. He had been deactivated by an error that prevented him from gaining experience. Realistic Mode, meanwhile, complies exactly what its name indicates, that is, if you receive a single shot in the head the funeral of your character will be more than guaranteed.

    What's new in update 1.08

    Activision recently announced that it had published patch 1.08, which arrived a few days after the previous update. In addition to making several improvements in one of its maps, Picadilly, the study has worked especially in improving bugs, crashing problems and some aspects related to the balance of weapons.
    In this new production, Infinity Ward returns to modern warfare with a title that shares its name with the game of the previous generation. All in all, the studio takes classic characters and moves them to a completely new story, a full-fledged reimagining. Multiplayer modes are not lacking, but the classic Zombie Mode or battle royale, which was released last year with COD Black Ops 4.

  20. Those vicious people who do not sleep everything to wait for the new power(toj)DARKFRIDAY:(



    Esa gente viciosa que no duerme todo para esperar el nuevo power(toj) DARKFRIDAY:(


    (ugh)For when the new power ????


    (ugh)Para cuando el nuevo power ????



  21. With the arrival of the 11.50 patch to Fortnite Chapter 2 Harley Quinn, from DC Comics, receives a skin, Everything indicates that it is due to the premiere of Birds of Prey.



  22. APyXL51.gif

    The Division 2 offers a new phase of free trial on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

    From October 15 to 20; this is what Ubisoft has announced.


    The Division 2 is the sequel to the successful title of tactical action and shooting of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where players must cooperate to get out of new and dangerous challenges. Lead a team of elite agents in the remainder of Washington D.C. after the passage of a pandemic to restore order and prevent the collapse of the city. Play with your friends in cooperative and PvP, get powerful weapons and equipment and become one of the chosen ones to protect the Capitol in a state of emergency. The mission does not end with the campaign. Beyond level 30, agents of the Division are waiting for new specializations, game modes, raids and much more.

    1. leitooo


      espero que me invites a jugar :( 

    2. 6


      Bought a new PS4 and PS5 is to be released next year :'(:'(:'(

    3. anonimo
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