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  1. No soy mala 😈 ni santa 😇 🔊🎶







    I'm not bad 😈 nor holy 😇 🔊🎶

  2. 🎮🎮🎮


    CoD spy.png Modern Warfare Shooting Tournaments mode, which was in beta mode in November, will return to the game,after correcting some errors the function should be ready, along with additional new rewards of which Infinity Ward does not reveal more details.




    CoD spy.png Modern Warfare is committed to a raw, stark and provocative narrative that presents unparalleled intensity and sheds light on the changing nature of modern warfare. For PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it gives us an epic reinvention from scratch of the iconic Modern Warfare series.


    💣 Bunda pra baixo, bunda pra cima...🎶

    Para, gira, chuta e pula na sacanagenzinha... 🎵




  4. 🎮🎮🎮



    NieR: Automata, for PS4 and PC, is the sequel to Nier, an action RPG of the last generation set in a fantastic world full of mysteries.


    attack desert GIF


    suspense.pngThe producer of NieR: Automata anticipates that there will be news about a "new game"

    on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of intellectual property.suspense.png



  5. 🎮🎮🎮🎮


    The 11th season of PUBG Mobile, called Operation Tomorrow, will have a cyberpunk theme,

    according to Tencent's advance revealed yesterday.


    Although the release date has not yet been announced,

    it should be given this week, after the end of season 10, on January 8.



  6. Time passes and although we would like to ... we cannot stop it .....



  7. Vou definir em uma palavra: CARAMBA 😮🎶




  8. Every time we look at a new year, we all talk about change ...

    In reality, nothing changes but everything continues.

    The change we seek is in our head, in our eyes and in our hearts,

    not in a new page of a calendar.

    Happy January 1, 2020 ...





    Chegou 2020 e com ele também mil razões para continuarmos unidos como sempre.

    Você é a fonte de toda minha alegria e ao seu lado sou imensamente feliz.Quero um ano,

    com mais noites adormecendo  com som da sua voz no meu ouvido!! Bom ano novo Bichinho :$ !



    1. JasonOficial


      Historias para ser contadas precisa ser vividas.

      E eu tenho uma linda historia sendo escrita com você.


  10. Goodbye, 2019



    This year brought me incredible people, joys, changes, learning, but it also brings people, moments, laughs and tears. Today I leave all that behind, I change the book. Blank pages to fill with stories that I will live, more laughs, more screams, more people. Moments that will be memories. I wish everyone can find what they have been waiting for or looking for for so long. They write many pages that they later like to read and remember. May they find peace and happiness. That they focus on the good and overlook the bad, do not make that mistake of living being negative. Live, feel, enjoy And be happy and remember that life is this. Enjoy it

  11. A 2020 with many laughs and moments of happiness.



  12. Caia devagar pra eu aproveitar

    Cada gota do seu beijo 💋😍

    ...Chuva de vc caia sobre mim ❤️ 🎶




    1. JasonOficial


      Vou ser uma tempestade sobre você.:$

  13. And finally I met 42 revel.png party.png







    1. CH3RRY
    2. DUYGU


      Thank you dear  (hug) 

    3. DUYGU


      Cherry, how does it feel to meet 42? I guess it's a pretty exciting feeling, maybe it makes you feel better.

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  14. SZoT1nS.gif


    have three days left until 2019 ends ...
    Surely this year they have broken your heart, you have fought, you have argued with someone, you have lost someone very important, you have not gotten good grades, your family has been judging you, you have gone through a depression, you have suffered some type of harassment, you have cried many nights until you have fallen asleep ... But surely you had a good time, you had fun, you fell in love, you managed to do something that you thought you could not have done, you have made new friends, you have finally been able to get away from those toxic people , they have left some vices, you celebrated your birthday,
    You have realized that you cried for people who did not deserve it, you managed to defeat your enemy, you laughed non-stop, you achieved something you proposed, you managed to get out of the well where you were ... So this 2020 you have to be strong, you must start The new year with lots of energy. That is why I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. Do not be defeated, do not be discouraged, I know you can, if you try to concentrate you can make this 2020 a year in which things can change to improve. I know I don't know your situation and it's not easy depending on the situation you're going through, but you must be optimistic. We are survivors, we have spent 2019 and that is a lot to say, since surely the year was getting too long and now we are going towards 2020 with energy and hope. Cheer up and remember that our happiness does not depend on anyone, it only depends on ourselves. Thanks 2019,
    because thanks to you, we learn to leave the past behind and overcome it.
    We do not close it with an end point, because we want to leave ellipses
    for what comes next.
    Get ready because this year we will shine
    with greater intensity than the previous year.
    And so every year.
    Thanks 2019 !!!! Let's go 2020 !!! 

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you very much for your good wishes. I hope everything will be better in the new year. I hope no teror,wars, fights, pain, illness, tears. I want a new year where people don't get any more upset.  want to get happy. I happy people want to see. Let no people break our's heart. Everyone let a healthy, fun,peaceful and love full year come!

  15. SONRÍE Y SE FELIZ...💯 ✌️🌏💖🙏..





  16. End of year coming my heart is already getting tight, breathless almost stopping ...


    May 2020 be a year of optimism, hope and great achievements!

    And come new smiles and new stories.


    GIF by KLM

  18. Que pases un día genial con los tuyos, que te hagan muuuuchos regalitos y desde aquí un abrazo virtual.!!



    1. Jake


      Muchas gracias (hug)

  19. help help help help help help(toj) @D4niel @xLaming



    1. xLaming


      yet, no success :( 

    2. Kevvo


      someday friend but that day will not be today. (sman)

    3. CH3RRY
  20. 🎮🎮🎮



    PUBG 🎮 a new motorized hang glider.

    PUBG continues to evolve with each new patch released on all its platforms, although new things always come first to the test servers of its PC version.

    Thus, all those players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds of the PC version and habitual of the test servers, will be able to try this new motorized hang glider only until next December 23, day in which it will disappear with the doubt of whether we will see it again in a future, already as part of the final version of the popular Battle Royale.





  21. 🎈🎉Feliz cumpleaños Junior ..pásalo súper con todos los seres que te quieren ...

    lluvia de bendiciones para ti !!!🎉🎈 🎂 Felicidades 🍾!!!

    happy birthday party GIF by Omer





    1. Junior


      Muchas gracias!!

  22. The difference between how we imagine the Earth and the Moon are and how it really is.




    1. leitooo


      vamos pues jaja

  23. La cruda realidad|-)




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