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  1. Finally it's Friday!

    It already smells like a weekend.jump.png






  2. Study 😴








    New COD update: Modern Warfare adds the crossbow and fixes some bugs.


    The crossbow will be available in the next few hours completely free of charge for all players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the most recent


    production of Infinity Ward. The North American developer has confirmed that the update will be published in the next few hours and that it will


    include not only this new rifle of marksman type, but more surprises and corrections. To get the crossbow, just complete a marksman challenge.


    The patch will also solve one of the problems that has led to some users, collisions between players. On the other hand, it is confirmed that the game


    will add five new slots to customize the construction of our character in multiplayer modes. In addition, an error that prevented the rotation of game


    modes in Quick Play, according to Ashton Williams, CM of the study, was fixed.


    The first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was going to end on January 28.


    However, Activision recently announced a major change in the road map.


    duration of the season a few days, so a new date has been set, on February 11.



    ¡ The crossbow works like a sniper, it can kill with one shot but aiming is complicated and hit even more. !

  4. Today is the international hug day, so I send you a virtual hug that means as much as a real hug ...

    Give and receive hugs, they are free, they are healthy and they make us all happy.:p



  5. eu tô voltando, eu tô voltando...🎶 
    con a mala cheia,male cheia de  
    EU TE AMO ❤️😍 





  6. 😛🎶💣🎧







    It is time to return from this trip.(ugh)

  8. 🔥💣💥💯Ooo Mama Olaa Ola👉💃👉🎼🔥🎼




    1. Born


      Beautiful song

    2. CH3RRY


      In love with this remix 😍

    3. Born


      and I, I really like it


  9. Zombieland Saga:p


    I love how it changed from kawaii  to something horrifying (toj)



  10. @JasonOficial 


    Obrigado mor❤️, por cada momento que passamos juntos.

    Por ser o riso que tira o som das tempestades e faz do trovão um lugar mágico para mi sentir segura.

    Simplesmente, OBRIGADO! Pelas risadas,pelas brincadeiras, pelos conselhos, pela alegria, pela felicidade que você sempre traz à minha vida💑.

    Por ser um pilar que nunca treme e sei que sempre posso confiar.

    Vc é tudo que faz bem ao meu coração. Eu amo você😍!




    1. JasonOficial


      Obrigado você por permitir que eu faça parte da sua vida.

      Desde que entrou na minha vida tudo é só sorriso, sem espaço para tristeza.






    2. CH3RRY
  11. 🎮 🎮 🎮


    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the most anticipated games this first semester will be released in physical and digital format today Friday January 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For fans of video games with anime adaptation as for those enthusiasts of Akira Toriyama's work who are looking for a videogame capable of transmitting those sensations with the command in hand.





  12. For this 2020 I only ask for less virtual hatred🤣 !

    Learn to respect and evolve🙏

  13. Ja…ja…ja :'( maldito exámenes !!!







  14. 🎮Battle Rally 🎮 Shenmue 3🎮




    Almost two months after its launch, Shenmue 3 prepares to receive what will be its first important DLC. Downloadable content called Battle Rally will be free for everyone who bought the game's season pass, called Complete DLC Collection. It will be available from next January 21 and, for the first time, will allow us to handle other characters besides Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of the saga.

  15. @JasonOficial


     Cada momento lo haces especial🥰 

    Eres mi persona favorita y siempre así sera.💝😍😘



  16. @BerT1


    Happy birthday, have a great day with yours.!🎂 🎈🎉🍾

  17. Happy birthday, Lukasz!


    Enjoy your day as it should be.!🎂 🎈

    1. lukasz


      Thank you yes it will be on Friday or Saturday 🍹

  18. 🎶🥰👌



    1. Skatel


      Que pieza !!!

  19. Joker receives 11 Oscar nominations 👏

    Joaquin Phoenix sweeps the nomineesBnUMtva.jpg


    the dark knight applause GIF

    1. wason


      The best one, the joker is my favorite villain(smirk)

    2. wason


      The best one for me was heath ledger


    🤪 🔥

    Ozuna como siempre sobresaliendo en los remix 💯💪🏻



  21. @iiAriel 🎈 es tu cumpleaños:o ¡Pero bueno!, que calladito se lo tenía usted. ja,ja,ja.

    MUCHAS FELICIDADES🎂  Que tengas un buen día  en compañía de tu familia y amigos 🎉.

    1. iiArieL


      Muchas gracias !!! :p

  22. Happy birthday, Ravey! revel.png


    1. Ravey


      Thank you! 

  23. You will definitely have to give in to the evidence that all of MANICOMIO are crazy.(shrug)

    @Nathaly @D4niel


    KGXraKg.png VNltFRp.png


    2e20tlL.png 5lKv5UB.png

    1. Kevvo


      tell belen that I want to marry her :$

    2. Nathaly


      no doubt belen has everyone crazy (maniac)

    3. CH3RRY
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