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  1. 👻🎃 👻Halloween is coming, a time when we all love having a little fear ...👻🎃 👻



  2. Pokémon GO prepares for Halloween and confirms Litwick's arrival

    It is a free-to-play adventure that uses augmented reality to locate

    and catch Pokémon in the real world and face them against other players.

    👻🎃 👻


  3. Very happy birthday and life gives you what you want!



    happy birthday GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. SethTI


      Thank you, Ch3rry!

  4. I wish you a very happy birthday!🎉

  5. Happy birthday and I hope you have a great time! 🎈🎉🍾

    1. Maxo


      Thank you so much

  6. 🎈🎉🎈

    happy birthday GIF

  7. Muchas felicidades 🎈🎉🎈

    Disfruta de tu día guapa.🎈🎉🎈

    1. Kaay


      Muchas gracias Bella! 😘♥️

  8. xwiFN6e.gif


    Hakuna Matata 

    "No te preocupes por el resto de tus días" 

  9. 🎬


    I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it’s a comedy. 

    Joker (2019) dir. Todd Phillips


    joaquin phoenix joker GIF


    The acting is masterful, music and photo too. The direction, that although it traces scenes of other films the same is at the height.


    the Oscar goes directly to Joaquin Phoenix 🤡 👏👏


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