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    Star Wars Jedi 🎮 Fallen Order improves charging times in its new patch




    The update is now available for PC. On PS4 and Xbox One it won't arrive until next week.



    Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new patch for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the new title based on the galactic saga created by George Lucas. Although the update does not modify many aspects of the game, it does focus on some issues that have worried the fans. One of these solutions directly attacks loading times, which are too long depending on what time. The patch can now be downloaded on PC, while console users should wait until next week.

    According to the patch notes, "a problem has been solved in which the video game could slow down", in addition to causing, on certain occasions, that "loading times were longer than expected." On the other hand, Respawn has also corrected an error that caused the keyboard arrows not to respond properly in the menus. The dynamic resolution settings will be saved correctly from now on, while the flickering texture that appeared while the character was driving an AT-AT in Kashyyyk has disappeared.

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