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  1. 🎮(applause)🎮


    Call of Duty: Mobile will recover support for controls "soon"


    Although in its launch it could be played with PS4 and Xbox One controls in a very simple way, Activision decided to withdraw this compatibility because it created a great inequality between those who used the touch control scheme and those who opted for the physical controller. They did not promise a date, but now they assure that this coveted function will return "soon."





    They don't want to give advantages to players with command


    If Call of Duty: Mobile implements control control again, it is likely that it will do so in different lobbies, ”not mixed in the same games. "Currently, Call of Duty: Mobile separates players who play in the first person with those who play in third person in Battle Royale mode to maintain an equivalent level," he continued. "Players who use controls and those who use the control scheme through the touch screen should be similarly separated, all to make things fair to everyone."

    Now they are committed to that functionality coming back; It will "soon", so it is expected that before the end of the year players of this successful title can join the game with their DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller.

    If the American company brings back the compatibility you can reconnect your remote with a simple tutorial.

    1. xLaming


      who plays it can add me JubileuDosKill


      and about the part of " Call of Duty: Mobile will recover support for controls "soon" " i would like see it added, on the past (closed beta) was available this, but it was removed from the game, who's using it is getting banned

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