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  1. É vc meu PEDACINHO DE CÉU... ❤️ 😍Te LoVeEeEeEe❤️




    1. JasonOficial


      Eu vejo você, eu quero você, eu amo você e só você...  😍

  2. @ALEX 🎈 🎉 Spero che questo giorno speciale ti porti tanta felicità, amore, salute e tanto divertimento. Buona giornata a tutte le persone che ti vogliono bene. Buon compleanno! 🎂🎆 🎈

    1. ALEX


      Ohhh wowww, grazie mille @Cherry i aprecciate really

      Serie A Love GIF by ElevenSportsBE

  3. The application that I like the most about chat is the night mode(cute)


    modo día/noche




  4. Enter HOLA spin the roulette and the number >> 803 << is drawn you win 5000 Xats party.png

    Ingresa  a HOLA, gira la ruleta y se saca el número >> 803 << ganas 5000 Xats party.png

     X A T . C O M / H O L A



    1. Louis


      803 <<< AHÍ ESTÁ

      Proud Of You Reaction GIF


    2. Cherry


      Ja,ja,ja,jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @Louis (toj)

     used and very
     used and in perfect condition (hippo) only today 1050,000 XATS (one million fifty thousand xats)(ok)

    1. JasonOficial


      :o Está barato amor

    2. Cherry


      Sim ta barato  porque  da muito lag (toj)

    3. Louis



      Happy Cat GIF by Likee US

  6. Come SEEK THE FINAL 3 WIN XATS if you get one of those numbers = ❯ 3-13-23-33-43-53-63-73-83-93 (If you get FINAL 3 in all 7 rounds, you will get 1100 Xats) money.png


    Ven  en  busca  da TERMINACIÓN  3 y GANAS XATS si  SACAS  uno de esos números = ❯ 3-13-23-33-43-53-63-73-83-93 (Si  sacas la TERMINACIÓN  3 en las 7 rondas,  TE  GANAS  1100 Xats) money.png



  7.  @Vevrok 🎈 Baiano   party.png

    Muitas felicidades, Muitos anos de vida🎂🎈

  8. Thank you all for participating. Here are the winners of the games I did, and some of the moments lived in HOLA ¡ The games @Erick made will be published by him. THE WINNERS !
  9. Let's start, let's play, score your GOAL and win XATS with each goal, how easy it is to win XATS in HOLA ⚽️ Empecemos, vamos a jugar, marca su GOOLLLLLL y gana XATS con cada gol, que fácil es ganar XATS en HOLA ⚽️
  10. It's soccer time, it's time to win! Hello everyone, currently the Euro Cup is played in Europe and the Cup America in South America, and why not take this great competition into account to win some xats with simple trivia questions about these two great tournaments. So come to xat.com/hola ... They will be carried out: Trivia, with 30 questions related to the aforementioned competitions, each question you have the opportunity to win 200 xats, the rules will be, if you win 1 jump 1, and the questions will be made in Spanish and English in the main room of the Hola chat. Bonus: Win many xats in the "Half Time" of the questions, so there are many more winners. Users who manage to score a goal to the bot, will win xats! (Using a command in the bot) Users who meet certain requirements will earn xats! (Wear your country's shirts, use your nickname in a footballing way, have powers related to football, send a Vocaroo narrating a goal from your country and other topics) The VAR will choose the most active in the room who will win xats! (Dance, write, interact) Random users will kick penalties to win xats! (Command with the bot) Again, 1 wins vs 1 wait. If you use multiple accounts to play, you will be disqualified. We all have the right to participate and win, therefore, be fair and responsible. Date and time of the contest : Sunday, June 27, 2021, at 22:00 UTC + 2 Spanish Time. Countdown : Here Cherry (2021) I am responsible for paying the winners . Many many thanks to @JasonOficialand @Drika for donating the xats! We hope to see you there! ESPAÑOL
  11. ¡Vive una experiencia única en HOLA! ¿Estás aburrido sin saber qué hacer o buscas un Chat para pasar el tiempo? entonces ven a H O L A! ¡Aquí puedes hacer amigos, atrapar Pokémon, jugar con bot, pasar el rato y mucho más! ¿Que estas esperando? ¡Únete a nuestra sala y comienza tu aventura con nosotros!(cute)


    Enjoy a unique experience in HOLA! Are you bored without knowing what to do or are you looking for a Chat to pass the time? then come to H O L A! here you can make friends, catch Pokémon, play with bot, hang out and much more! What are you waiting for? join our room and start your adventure with us! (cute)


     X A T . C O M / H O L A



  12. " Envy is a declaration of inferiority. " Napoleon Bonaparte
  13. @And se declaró a Nina  :oTendremos boda pronto(cute)

    Él  amor puede surgir en cualquier lugar donde menos lo imaginamos, por ejemplo, en HOLA heart.png


    ¡ Locos Libres Felices y Enamorados !

    X A T . C O M / H O L A


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    2. Louis



      In Love Hearts GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

    3. Erick



      Love is on air on xat.com/hola!


      Heart Love GIF

    4. Nathaly


      yo sere la madrina

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