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  1. Quantity does not matter, but quality! In HOLA you will find music, friends and much more. We are another level, do not miss it:p


    ¡No importa la cantidad, sino la calidad! En HOLA encontraras música, amigos y muchas cosas mas. Somos otro nivel.No te lo pierdas:p



  2. @Noahcito Puede ponerse en contacto con @LaFleuro bien entra al xat HTML5 o enviando le un msj privado aquí no fórum o agregándole en amigos /f517650537 , el te ayudara en todo lo que sea posible muchos usuarios de mi sala tenían el mismo problema y él les ayudo.
  3. 7º Mojiis (738870730) 200 XATS https://prnt.sc/wgabqx the one that wasn't there when I made the payment, and I paid it today!
  4. That moment has arrived where it ends The games that have taken place in our xat room, 14 hours of games and lots of fun where we have had a great time. More like everything has a beginning and an end, our games too (hehe) and our energies. Here are the names of the winners. And happy 2021. Congratulations winners! WELCOME 2021 COUPLE GAME HIGHEST SCORE xat HOLA 1º Stif (344107857) 10.000 XATS https://prnt.sc/wf1s34 1º TernuraNurita (422429620) 10.000 XATS https://prnt.sc/wf1t3a WELCOME 2021 SCORE GAME xat HOLA 1º TernuraN
  6. Today, to welcome 2021, there will be some games where you will have a chance to win many xats, days and powers. More than 70k are waiting for you. The main project of the H O L A games is to have fun PLAYING and CHATTERING and also with the possibility of winning XATS and DAYS. We hope to see you at X A T. C O M / H O L A We start with the games today Saturday, January 2 from 22 PM (Spain)

    Por fin dejamos atrás el 2020, un año difícil que todos estábamos deseando que acabara.

    Bienvenido 2021!! FELIZ AÑO A TODOS 🥳






    1. JasonOficial


      Que venham dias melhores, é o que todos esperamos.

    2. werita
    3. llBryanElFielll


      que sea un buen inicio de año salud (B)

      drunk beer GIF by Animation Domination High-Def


  8. Happy  Holidays  sis i love you(blowkiss)(hug)Happy Christmas GIF by Malaea

  9. O ano de 2020 está prestes a chegar ao fim. Este ano de 2020, um ano bissexto, foi muito triste para muitas pessoas no mundo, que perderam parentes, amigos, conocidos. Fue um ano inesquecivel para todos, foi um ano de aprendizado, de liçoes de vida, de grandes desafios e batalhas. Milhões de pessoas se foram, sem poder despedi-los, mas nós sobrevivemos a essa catástrofe, isso significa que devemos, neste fim de ano refletir sobre o verdadeiro sentido da vida e da familia, sobre o sentido de solidariedade, do amor, do abraço, do próximo.  Não devemos perder a esperança, devemos estar unidos para ser mais fortes e enfrentar novos desafios.  2020 veio para nos mostrar como somos vulneráveis e como devemos ser mais humildes, mais sensíveis e mais humanos. Que este ANO DIFERENTE que esta por terminar, seja uma reunião e encontro de paz, de amor, de LUZ de FÉ, de ESPERANÇA, de UNIÃO, de FORÇA com SAÚDE e com REFLEXÃO. 


    🍾 🎆 Próspero Ano 2021🎆 🍾


    El año 2020 está por terminar. Este año de 2020, año bisiesto, fue muy triste para muchas personas en el mundo, que perdieron familiares,amigos, conocidos. Fue un año inolvidable para todos, fue un año de aprendizaje, lecciones de vida, grandes desafíos y batallas. Millones de personas se han ido, sin poder  ser despedidas, pero nosotros hemos sobrevivido a esta catástrofe, esto significa que debemos, en este  fin de año, reflexionar sobre el verdadero sentido de la vida y la familia, sobre el sentido de la solidaridad, el amor, el abrazo , al prójimo. No debemos perder la esperanza, debemos estar unidos para ser más fuertes y enfrentar nuevos desafíos. El 2020 vino para mostrarnos lo vulnerables que somos y cómo deberíamos ser más humildes, más sensibles y más humanos. Que este AÑO DIFERENTE que está por terminar sea un encuentro de paz, amor, LUZ de FE, ESPERANZA, UNIÓN, FUERZA con SALUD y REFLEXIÓN. 


    🍾 🎆 Un próspero año nuevo 2021 🎆 🍾



    The year 2020 is about to end. This year of 2020, a leap year, was very sad for many people in the world, who lost family, friends, acquaintances. It was an unforgettable year for everyone, it was a year of learning, life lessons, great challenges and battles. Millions of people have left, unable to be fired, but we have survived this catastrophe, this means that we must, at this end of the year, reflect on the true meaning of life and family, on the meaning of solidarity, love, hug, neighbor. We must not lose hope, we must be united to be stronger and face new challenges. 2020 came to show us how vulnerable we are and how we should be more humble, more sensitive and more humane. May this DIFFERENT YEAR that is about to end be a meeting of peace, love, LIGHT of FAITH, HOPE, UNION, STRENGTH with HEALTH and REFLECTION.


    🍾 🎆 A Happy New Year 2021 🎆 🍾






    1. siglo


      feliz año para la vagancia  boca juniors GIF by Tomas Ferraro, Sports Editor

  10. They could anticipate the future and take 2022 to that auction
  11. There were many hours of play and fun. Here I leave some images.
  12. The event is over and the prizes have been paid out, congratulations to all the winners! CHRISTMAS Madness 2020 HOLA ... Congratulations! Thank you all for participating Happy Holidays! 📌SET OF 4 CHRISTMAS PINES 📌 iiiiiiiiiiiGIGA (1504622704) 7000 XATS https://prnt.sc/wao8zf Zuri28KarenCruz (1536553910) 4000 XATS https://prnt.sc/wao8ih iiiYaguito (1531497660) 1000 XATS https://prnt.sc/wao82o 📌The Winning Numbers 📌 Babi (2021) 5000 XATS I PAY MYSELF iiiiiiiiiiiGIGA (1504622704) 2000 XATS https://prnt.sc/wal5ma Mie
  13. 🎅🏼¡HO HO HO!🎅🏼 Hello guys! The day of our last CHRISTMAS MADNESS 2020 event has arrived! Our chat room will be full of prizes that may bear the name of one of you, but for that to happen it is of the utmost importance that you enter X A T. C O M / H O L A Eye, it is not enough to leave NICK to win, you have to play, AND calm down guys, BECAUSE TODAY YOU CAN HAVE MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN XATS, DAYS AND POWERS You definitely can't miss this event. See you today, December 26, starting at 8:00 p.m. (Spain)! *** MORE THAN 80K ARE W


    É ser tiver outra vidas vou te AMAR,  de novo 😍❤️🎶





    1. JasonOficial


      Te AMO sonhando...

      Cada pedacinho de mim se encaixa em você, você me completa.

      TE AMO AMOR!!!

  15. Realmente una canción, que me ha traspasado el corazón, una buena reflexión

    para muchos que piensan sólo  en lo material ...

    Por un 2021 cargado de reencuentros 🥂

    Felices Fiestas para todos





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