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  1. I would like to know how much longer they will take to solve my problem of blocking my account due to the token, I have already been forced to change my email account because neither my emails I can access, my new email where to contact me is <removed email> instead of the previous one where my account of xat <removed email> is registered, this account is blocked I can not open it, my tiket number is as follows: # 78458181, with the largest Greetings Korus.
  2. korus


    lolololololol70 Korus
  3. korus


    como posso saber a id se não tenho acesso á conta? xat user: lolololololol70 como sei a ID?
  4. korus


    não aceita já tentei
  5. korus


    Troquei de telemóvel e perdi o autenticador e agora não consigo aceder á minha conta porque me solicita o código token.
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