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  1. Dinamite99 (46544326)
  2. Dinamite99 (46544326)
  3. Happy Belated BIRTHDAY @Anas



    1. mary17


      p.s. I tried to post directly to your profile.. but I couldn't xD

    2. Anas


      Thank you so much sis! (hug) 


      Yes time is up haha i have disable status updates. 

  4. Happy Birthday  ELEVEN



    1. Eleven


      Thanks you!

  5. We have events and contests to participate.. You can join to those contests.. We appreciate all of your interest and huge participation. Thanks xat Family.
  6. mary17

    Win 1500 XATS

    Dinamite99 (46544326)
  7. Thank you so much @Bau prize received.
  8. Life is too short to be with someone who is not crazy about you!.. ♥  La vida es demasiado corta como para estar con alguien que no está loco por ti.. ♥ ILY my baby @DavidS1 ♥ (blowkiss)

    1. mary17


      TE AMOOOOOOOO @DavidS1

  9. Happy Monday to my Baby @DavidS1 I Love You! ♥ (blowkiss)

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    2. DUYGU


      Good morning dear. Enjoy your have nice day  :)

    3. DUYGU
    4. mary17


      you too.. Thanks beauty @DUYGU

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