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  1. Congrats! Sergio for be part of this great team! ^^
  2. Grats to everybody for umbrella really is a very nice & romantic power (for me) xD Thanks @Lemona ♥
  3. Happy birthday dear @mary17 i'm late :$ but i hope you accept my grats 

    1. mary17


      yes Maxo.. and ofc I accept also your presents! (smirk) 8-)

  4. where are my congratulations? >.< hummmmm
  5. Happy Birthday Mary my dear!!!! I'm so sorry I'm slightly late!! I hope you had a sweet day (just like you)! :$(hug)

    1. mary17


      u r so late :( :'( i was waiting for youuuuuuu! 

    2. mary17


      But thank you so much.. I really appreciate your greetings! I luv U My Gf ♥ :$(hug) 

  6. Mary! Happy birthday beautiful!

    may God bless you always, I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest

    you deserve it! XOXO(hug)

    1. mary17


      Kaay awwww dear.. so sweet.. Thank you so much.. (hug) 

      I really appreciate your greetings! :$ 

      Blessings for you and your family. ♥

  7. Happy Birthday  (hug) rose



    1. mary17


      Thank You Mihai.. awwww so cute the b-day card! :$(hug) 

  8. hello! :$:$

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    2. mary17


      Better yet! @Kaay (blowkiss)

    3. mary17


      Where are my congrats? @Maxo and my presents? for my B-day! (a) :$ hehehe (toj)

    4. Maxo


      :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ 

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