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  1. Picture talk for me :D. So with this box,you can listen chat radio .
  2. disease

    Mouse cursor

    Hi. How can i change the mouse cursor from chat groups page? . I search on google and i ask on help but nobody know Ty. and Merry Christmas and Happy new year.
  3. I'm not sure , you need to receive an email with confirmation. Check your email after few hours
  4. Happy Birthday !

  5. disease


    good job Admin: D now everyone can see more easy.
  6. disease

    Why? / Because!

    Because my wife are watching and she like it Why you are crazy?
  7. Done , i comment in New Hats If you want you can delete this topic. Thanks !
  8. disease

    New Hats

    beards & accessories? https://imgur.com/a/vmOTkty
  9. Few simple hats/accessories for pawns. It's simple but cool i think https://imgur.com/a/vmOTkty Price : 100-150 Using like (hat)
  10. i want to finish :d. i know because it's this bar from top :)) thx .
  11. Maybe we can rework design :D . If you like my work , write in the comment below and i will finish this "project" . UPDATE **
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