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  1. Hello everyone, here is my entry! Inner Background: Outer Background: Button Colour: #FFFFFF Credits: - Image: https://www.1zoom.me/es/wallpaper/356678/z4892.5/1280x851 - Smiley xat: Coder https://xat.wiki/Nerd , idea https://xat.wiki/Yellegg - Rocket: https://mundosmilies.com - Pawns: Everypowers https://xat.wiki/Everypower , Black pawn Reg: TED1 ID: (10001000) Thanks for the contest. You all did a good job. Good luck to all!
  2. ID for sale (1000031) available!
  3. The previous auctions from years ago, they did it every festive date of the calendar, like 4 or even 5 auctions every year. Also there are many epic and rare ids that have been abandoned by their owners that do not connect anymore. The last year the auction was a success and the ids have gone up in the auction, and this is very good for xat. There is a lot of competition, because xat now releases auctions by group of equal digits. And I agree with the idea, but possibly the next auction will be on July 4 (For the Independence of the USA). I think M, 4, 5, 10 digit auctions are missing. My friends and I are looking forward to a new auction at any moment. But the reality is that auctions bring excitement, fun and a lot of competition at xat.
  4. Epic M id (33M) for sale. Offer me in private message here or xat. /f10001000
  5. ID 8000008 sold. List updated!
  6. New ID 7 dig. for sale (8000008)
  7. New ID 6 dig. for sale (161616)
  8. Prices updated. Precios actualizados. Send me a private message for more details /f10001000 Envรญame un mensaje privado para mรกs detalles /f10001000
  9. I really want the id 11000 or 111111 (that I suggested in the previous Auction). Please. Then I can suggest: (2M) (55M) (77M) (111M) (222M) (555M) (777M) Thanks for the new Auction.
  10. New id rare 5 digits for sale! (99000)
  11. Hello. 6 digit iDs auction ended. The auctions previous up to the big Black Friday event were very successful and exceeded many expectations. It was really exciting and great. @Cupim Are you ready for the 27th? @Admin When could there be an auction of 5, 9 and 10 digits or M ids? We know that you are full of surprises for xat, and I hope to have a beautiful memory of this Black Friday. Thanks!
  12. Hello, 6 digits suggestions: 111111 400004 400400 440000 444000 444400 444440 @Admin Thanks!
  13. Hello, 7 digits suggestions: 1100001 4004004 4400044 4440444 5005005 6000009 6600066 8800000 @Admin Thanks!
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