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  1. New ID 7 dig. for sale (8000008)
  2. New ID 6 dig. for sale (161616)
  3. Prices updated. Precios actualizados. Send me a private message for more details /f10001000 Envíame un mensaje privado para más detalles /f10001000
  4. I really want the id 11000 or 111111 (that I suggested in the previous Auction). Please. Then I can suggest: (2M) (55M) (77M) (111M) (222M) (555M) (777M) Thanks for the new Auction.
  5. New id rare 5 digits for sale! (99000)
  6. Hello. 6 digit iDs auction ended. The auctions previous up to the big Black Friday event were very successful and exceeded many expectations. It was really exciting and great. @Cupim Are you ready for the 27th? @Admin When could there be an auction of 5, 9 and 10 digits or M ids? We know that you are full of surprises for xat, and I hope to have a beautiful memory of this Black Friday. Thanks!
  7. Hello, 6 digits suggestions: 111111 400004 400400 440000 444000 444400 444440 @Admin Thanks!
  8. Hello, 7 digits suggestions: 1100001 4004004 4400044 4440444 5005005 6000009 6600066 8800000 @Admin Thanks!
  9. Of course bro @Cupim It's okay. Here my ids suggestions: 8 digits - on November 7th (10000001) (66600000) (80000008) PLEASE! Thanks!
  10. Ted

    Miedo Power

    The reality is that, right now, there are many people who are dissatisfied with that proposal to leave the next release of power MIEDO in the next year (2021 halloween). Also, many of them only need that power to complete everypower. The demand from unsatisfied people is great, and some take advantage of it to resell the power at a very high price above + 10k. When everyone knows that the power MIEDO came out in the store for 211 xats.
  11. Más ids en venta /More ids for sale. xat LOJA
  12. Hello everyone! Here is my here. Inner: LINK HERE Button color #ffffff Outer: LINK HERE Inner: Button Color: #343c80 LINK HERE! Outer: LINK HERE! I hope you like it. Thanks!
  13. I think the forum is for proposing and discussing suggestions and ideas to improve xat. Not to show or make relationships. For that kind of thing there is xat. That is unnecessary.
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