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  1. Hi @cfr_tobias.


    If I understood well, you want to appear online to your friends only if they are at the same xat as you are.

    To be honest, I don't know if this can be implemented, since xat's purpose is to connect users.

    I must admit that, after thinking it twice, I can see the use of a kind of power like that, but still doubt if this has a possibility to be implemented.


    Thank you very much for your suggestion! Good luck!

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  2. Hi @AlexKjwh10.


    I have never thought about clock smilies, but when I saw your drawings I was like: "ok, I need this". The idea is original and the drawings you have provided are really cute. I really hope your creation is going to be considered as well as implemented soon.


    Thank you for your original suggestion, good luck! (hug)

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  3. Hi @DonQuijote, thank you very much for your suggestion;


    I personally think this idea is fantastic and we really need it. As @SLOom and @Luig said, it could be released as 'away2' or just added to the existing 'away', becoming an extra feature we would only have in HTML5, since it is getting some features we don't have in Flash (e.g. the powers display). I really hope this idea will be considered. 

    43 minutes ago, Phin said:

    How is this any different from just leaving a message on the forum, using the FEXBot's welcome message feature or making a blog post? I don't see why this would be necessary to have.

    It is, considering that not all the users use the forum, not all the users visit xats with FexBots, and so on. This should be a tool in xat, and not depending on other sources. 


    Again, thank you for your post. I'm very excited to see how will users react to this idea. :d

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  4. Hi @Bau !


    From my point of view, your suggestion is pretty interesting since that way we would be able to have a better control of our account. To solve the problems of privacy, we could keep it just for the user in any way, so that only the owners of the two accounts that participated in the transfer are able to see it.


    Thank you very much for suggesting such a great idea!


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  5. 1. Favourite power - Maybe WIGS because it was inspired on my favourite singer (Sia) and made by @Junior :$.

    2. Favourite chat you went to - Hablar chat because I love spending my time and I got to know really nice people there.

    3. Favourite part about xat - The powers, I think it makes it look very user-friendly and lets every user have its own style. I love combining my gifs, hats and colours so that my username looks nice.

    4. Favourite user that you met - I can't choose one, I'm sorry.

    5. Favourite forum thread - I cannot choose neither, but I love participating at the contests and reading all your suggestions.

    6. Favourite xat fan/tool site - The wiki or the tools the Fexbot site provides.



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  6. That is the first thing that I came up with when I saw the update. Honestly, I think that it would be really nice if added, that way it would be easy to find the powers, since we have more than 520 of them.

    In addition, in the App, you can find the powers in the store classified by its rarity (common, epic...) so I think it is not a difficult feature to add.



    Thank you @SethTI for posting the idea, I hope it will be added very soon!

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  7. Thank you very much @Loba922 for taking your time to suggest such a beautiful power. As many forum users said before, this power could not be released due to the fact that "Dragon Ball" is protected by Copyright. It's a pity, because I'd love to see such beautiful smilies and pawns on xat.

    (Disney's Pucca's Copyright is gone, so we can make smilies of her, for example).


    Thank you again, 

    Have a nice day.



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