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  1. I have banned @Anas for 20 hours for being the user I see the most at the forum.
  2. Witness

    524 WIGS

    I guess that is because of the wig (Copyright). The original smiley (wigs#w1) doesn't work neither.
  3. Congratulations! I might start visiting it too. See you there!
  4. Witness

    524 WIGS

    Since when do powers have gender?
  5. Witness

    524 WIGS

    I just love it! Super cool the fact that you included the new LSD Sia wig. Wig snatched.
  6. The design is really cool, just finish it until the end. Still you made it look like an iOS device.
  7. Hi! I personally think your idea is fantastic. It might be a little bit hard to implement but it would be an interesting feature. Good luck!
  8. Your idea is fantastic, After all the animal themed powers released, I completely forgot about the fact that we don't have a crab themed one. I can't wait to see this power implemented into the powers store! Good luck!
  9. Received, thank you @Marya.
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