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  1. Witness

    Spoiler Game

    I was depressed so I decided to play a Lana Del Rey playlist.
  2. Winner's just a word, loser's just one too.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners for their cool designs! Well done guys! @Dallas @AND3 @Toxic
  4. To me, the release should be set when a good power is made, which means that it could take a week or up to a month. Setting a deathline would not make a difference, since the purpose of the power would be to get released rather than being a purposeful and useful power. Powers' release dates have to be unexpected, to give them more excitement and demand.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday @Stif! Enjoy your day! (blowkiss)

    1. Stif


      Thank you darling (blowkiss) 

  7. Happy Birthday Bruxinho! My best wishes! (blowkiss)


    1. Bruxinhotrade


      Thank you Witness I wish everything in double for you  (hug)

  8. As many users above expressed their opinions, I'd like to share mine. First of all, we all can see that Trade is dying, today a new power got released which price in store was 239 xats. Ten minutes after the release people were selling it for 250 xats. To me, the prices are not that important, and they should be different (what I mean by this is that a good variety of prices would be fine, not always 2k xats as suggested above). The purpose of trading is to know how to maximise the benefit from the sales, which is not happening currently, users just conform by selling some units earning like 20 xats per each. As many users suggested, we need more powers which are creative, useful and demanded. Taking some time to release a good power which can create excitement and demands would both stimulate the trading process and people's mentality about the powers themselves. In brief, I absolutely agree with the user's opinions and really hope they will be at least considered. Thanks @Amnaa for creating the topic and the rest of members for taking their time to elaborate an opinion. thank u, next.
  9. The smilies look amazing! I'll be definitely using the low battery hat since that's my everyday's mood.
  10. Happy Birthday! Best wishes!

    1. xAndyx


      Thank you very much, and thank you for your good wishes(hug)

  11. Witness

    Pawn Mix

    This is a fantastic idea, it could be released as a power or just be an upgrade to FLASHRANK, I have always wondered why we only have to use ony one color pawn (apart from the rank one). Thanks for your suggestion!
  12. Happy Birthday! (blowkiss)

  13. Two bans in a row guys I will be really punished. I have banned @Marya for 12 hours. Reason: Being so sweet.
  14. How to draw 'Homer Simpson' tutorial by @Leandro, @Marshall and me. 




    Suscribe and like.

    1. Leandro


      End his suffering.

  15. Happy Birthday! Enjoy! (hug)

  16. Those are super cute I just love them. And @Junior made it so...
  17. I'm writing for all the users that think this function would be really useful if implemented but still will never use it since we are not that rich.
  18. Feliz Cumpleaños. (blowkiss)

  19. Happy Birthday! (blowkiss)

  20. Happy Birthday! (blowkiss)

  21. iWitness29 (1529667724) Good luck to all the participants!
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