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  1. Kaay

    Se que estoy un par de días tarde, pero feliz cumple Amiko, extraño conversar contigo, espero todo esté yendo bien para ti, abrazos, no me extrañes tanto. ;) <3

    1. Tiin


      Muchas gracias amika, yo también te extraño, espero poder hablar pronto contigo. Sabemos quien de los dos extraña más al otro. Abrazos 🥰

    2. Kaay


      Obvio tú 

  2. Can summer be over already? 😩

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    2. Kaay


      @Maverick That’s cause you’re weird, fatty. 

    3. Kaay


      @Stif That must suck lol, does it ever get cold in your country? fall starts till Next week, I just hope it gets a bit chilly. 😩

    4. Stif


      @Kaay It does, usually in the middle of the summer. xD

  3. Kaay


    1. Pika



  4. Congrats @Lemona you're gonna do a great job!
  5. Happy Birthday Sergio! enjoy your day. (hug)

    1. Sergio


      Thank you so much Kaay! (hug)(blowkiss)

  6. Congratulations! I knew you were gonna win! 😍 @Maye congrats to Paan and Rob as well.
  7. I don’t think this would be a good idea, I mean it’s already against some chats rules that the Max size allowed should be W7 to avoid chat lagging. Those are smileys around the same size as the power big smileys when you put them. Meaning that if we were to have another Big in this case “ super big” it would just cause too much lag.
  8. Kaay

    It's my bestfwends Birthday!

    And i couldn't be more thankful to life to have such a great friend like you.

    I wanna wish you a very, extremely, amazing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, i hope you enjoy your special day

    even tho it'll probably be a bit different this year from all your past 45 b-days :$. I'm sorry for revealing your age.

    But i'm sure as hell you will, you'll know why later. Big hugs from Ryan, Drew and i, we LOVE YOU! (wailing)

    happy birthday GIF

    1. Bryan


      Awww thank you bestfwend I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Happy birthday Parce!

    I hope you have a great one! enjoy your day to the fullest, may God bless you with many

    more years of life, happiness and wonderful things your way. 

    Too bad you can't celebrate it like it's supposed to but i'm sure you feel hella special

    with all those friendly msgs. (hug)

    happy birthday GIF

    1. Angelo


      Muchas gracias mi parce!!! Estoy tan feliz para tenerte como mi amiga!


      Siiii jaja, me siento super bien hoy, con todos mis amigos aquí (hug) 

  10. I'm loving it!!
  11. Kaay


    XkMy (10131013)
  12. Kaay

    WIN 1K Xats

    I participate XkMy (10131013)
  13. Happy birthday! 

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Kaay! (hug) (blowkiss) 

  14. Happy birthday Fat boy!

    i wish you nothing but the best on this day. It sucks you can’t go out to celebrate but you can always buy a huge chocolate cake like the ones you love and stuff your face. 

    Chocolate Cake GIF

    p.s I’m still mad at you. 🙂

    1. Maverick


      Thank you, mama.


      I will buy a cake and invite ME, MYSELF AND I. You can't have any of my cake. :'( 




      P.S. DON'T BE MAD! <3 

    2. Kaay


      Okay fine :( I’m over it now. 💕

    3. Maverick


      Yay! Mi amor! Pen! 😂

  15. I like how we can still stay invisible even when responding in pc. I’m glad it works in flash as well since I’m not used to HTML5 yet. Thank you!
  16. Kaay

    Music Pawn

    I’m liking the idea, like Barbie said, it would be Dj’s favorite while on air. They usually use the “ on air” smiley from the broadcast power but this one you mentioned sounds even better.
  17. Floral from coach Bright crystal from Versace Flora from Gucci Viva la juicy- Juicy Couture Daisy- Marc Jacobs The one- Dolce & Gabbana Thank me later, girls!
  18. Kaay

    (noadded) power

    Your idea sounds good, it’s also clear what you’re trying to say. but like the others mention, we would kinda lose the purpose of having no pc, no pm, even pcplus. The most they can do when adding you as friend and having both no pc/pm is know when you’re online.
  19. I’m loving the smileys!
  20. We already have a Lion power, but if what you’re suggesting will look like these I’m all in! nice drawing by the way, gives a clear picture of what they would look like. Would be a great idea for stickers or smiley.
  21. Prize received, thank you. @Masha
  22. This would look pretty nice on some current pcbacks. I’ve seen some BG’s with animation and they don’t give much lag, I really hope they take this idea.
  23. Yeah that would be really helpful, like have two options according to what people are searching for at the moment. One if you wanna search for All the chats at once according to the language like you have it now and another for an specific chat name.
  24. I agree with the comment above, the search for an specific chat name should be added. The search we got now pretty much just searches for an specific word mentioned like a name for example. But sometimes we can’t remember a chat name and we have to be typing it on the search bar trying to guess if it’s the right one. It would be easier if we could just type an specific chat name and suggest all the chats by the name we’re looking for.
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