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  1. Hola Jesus, hablaste conmigo hace un momento por xat si no estoy mal. A como te explique puedes crear un ticket dandole click a este enlace https://util.xat.com/support/index.php Ahi explicarles la situacion y responder a sus preguntas. Te aconsejo que seas paciente ya que llevan un poco de tiempo en responder. Tambien Te preguntaran cosas de tu cuenta antigua, Debes tener aun acceso al correo de esa cuenta. Ojala puedas resolver tu problema y logres recuperar todo.
  2. Hey, Selling ID (111330) Price: 120k but it's negotiable. You can find me @ xat trade or /f10131013
  3. Guys remember EPIC POWERS are not included in the contest.
  4. @lckyYes, it shows the time but please write the date of the trade next to your regname and ID.
  5. Remember DATE & TIME need to show on the screenshot.
  6. Kaay

    Amiko!! FELIZ CUMPLE! que Diosito te bendiga hoy y siempre

    te deseo lo mejor en tu dia, que la pases genial.

    Un enorme abrazo para ti. 


    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Tiin


      Muchas gracias amika! (hippo)

  7. Happy birthday Dey, many blessings to you, hope you’re doing okay. Looking forward to seeing you back at trade soon.

    Happy Birthday GIF


  8. Kaay

    Happy birthday hippo, business bff, you idiota! I know I already said it but I can't forget we got forum as well so here I go. 
    hate ya, I mean love ya! 

    celebrate happy birthday GIF by Cincinnati Zoo

    1. Enter


      still waiting for my pizza

    2. Kaay


      It's on its way.

    3. Enter
  9. Kaay

    Happy birthday bestfwend! 
    you’re this 🤏🏻 close to hitting 30, how does that feel? :$ 

    Anyway, you know I love you and I just wanna wish you the best, always. Keep celebrating your bday week. 
    Celebrate Happy Birthday GIF by Cameo

  10. Happy birthday parcerito! 
    i hope you have a great day full of great things. Send you a big hug, blessings on this new year of life. 

    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Angelo


      (hug) Muchas gracias parce. It’s gonna be a great day 8-) 


    May you have a great day and enjoy to the fullest! You deserve the best, miss our crazy conversations. Hugs to you Gordo! (hug)


    Happy Birthday Baby GIF

    1. Maverick


      I don’t see you on as much! 


      Thank you so so much! *hugs*

  12. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one, enjoy your day. Hugs and good vibes your way. 

    Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance

    1. iSanty


      thank you!, the same for you!! sorry for the delay! (hug)

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