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  1. " Don't lose yourself while trying to love someone else".

  2. Prize received, thank you!
  3. I think Fons meant his was a card
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    2. Kaay


      I'm confused.(meh)

    3. Addict


      Doesn’t take much to confuse you, Woody (toj) 

    4. Kaay


      HA- HA- HA (d) You're hilarious! @Addict

  4. Kaay

    Happy Bday!(applause)

    1. R3DDS


      Thank you!

  5. I love you bebi, you are very important for me :$ . Mine, mine ok? @Dreww (hello)

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      @Addict JAJAJAJJAJAAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA:'( It looks like you

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      They are all so crazy. :( 

  6. February 14, 2019 Dear Husband @Dreww On this day, i want to take a moment and stop the world for a second, you may ask, what for? Well, lets begin by saying i want to open my heart to you. Today we celebrate love, but not just love, we also celebrate another valentines day together. Do you know what that means? Yes baby, another year by your side, another day to celebrate this beautiful feeling i have deep inside me and it all belongs to you. I would love to mention every one of the reasons why i fell in love with you, why i'm still in love with you, but most of all why i love you like i do. You make me a better person, yes, you take the worst out of me at times i admit it, but hey, what relationship is perfect? i think if it were perfect it would be extremely boring if i can be honest. You make me get angry to the point where i wanna just pull your hair and put a really tight pony tale on it, till you scream and tell me "babe stop" and i would laugh my butt off. But then i remember the way you smile at me every morning when we wake up, the moments when you would make me laugh while i'm still in a bad mood (hate how you make me laugh when i'm supposed to be mad) and make me weak. Those times you would wake up late at night because i would have a nightmare and wake up crying, you'd hug me and let me lay on your chest till i fell deep asleep. Remember that one time we were playing like kids tickling each other and fell off the bed? crazy right? you've learned to love and accept my imperfections but most of all, you've made me grow up and become a better me. Thank you for giving me the greatest blessing and gift of life any woman can have, the blessing of giving life, of becoming a mother to that beautiful boy we call ours. I may not say it all the time but I LOVE YOU. i love the way you smile, the way you get that little dimple right by your left cheek, i love your eyes, the way those big brown eyes look at me whenever we are staring at each other like we had barely met, your hands, when you grab it every time we take a walk and make me feel like i'm yours, your hugs, those hugs that make me feel secure and protected. But above all i love your existence, i am thankful for you today and everyday. I want you today and forever because with you is who i wanna wake up one morning and say, look my wrinkly grape, we made it, i told you we could do it. I LOVE YOU BEBE, HAPPY VALENTINES. P.S. Yes, i will still love you one thousand years from now because i am a better person with you by my side and together WE ROCK THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT!
  7. Kaay

    Happy birthday Brazileiro! Many blessings to you. 

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  8. Happy Birthday Bruxi, Many blessings.(hug)

    1. Bruxinhotrade


      (hug)Obrigado Kaay muito


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