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  1. I protect the Dukedom.
  2. I have had some ideas, I hope they serve as something, using only colors referring to the equipment or country, so we will not affect any copyright.
  3. Here I saw something i couldn't over look.

    cool chill GIF by #sazanimation

  4. I have a bad boyfriend :)

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    2. Thuk
    3. Rut


      JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA :') ok, te perdono, pero que no vuelva a suceder, ok? 

    4. Thuk


      JAJAJAJAJAJA ok :$ 

  5. Above all I'm more interested in this idea, because yes, it's annoying to have invisible and not be able to do anything more than just "see"
  6. Congratulations @Junior and @LaFleur !!!
  7. Rut

    Japi verdei tu yu <3

    1. Thuk


      aww graciassss<3

  8. Rut

    xmas bonus

    Does it mean that at some point we will have all the free pawns only with the hat and reghide?
  9. iStrangeGirl (1529783534)
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